Knitting in round question

I hate to do seams so I found a baby sweater pattern that is knit in the round. I practiced in the round knitting on hats and did fine.

But now I am at a point where I am stuck on this pattern.

I finished the body and now the pattern wants me to start the sleeves on double points which will then be joined to the body.

Do I end the yarn on the body to start the sleeves? I am lost! Help! :??

TIA! Ginny

You would leave the body of the sweater on the needles and start the sleeves on your dpn’s if that’s what the pattern calls for. If you don’t have enough needles to do both sleeves you can put the stitches on scrap yarn until you get both sleeves done. You will eventually knit sleeves and body all onto one circular at work as one piece to the neck if this is a standard from the bottom up sweater.

I guess maybe I am not asking my question right… I know that I leave the body on the circular needles, and the sleeves are done on dpns. But how do I start the sleeves if the yarn is still coming from the body? Does that make sense? Do I start with a new skein?

Yes, start a new skein.

Thank you! I thought I would have to, but wasn’t sure! I’ll be sure to share when I finish it!