Knitting in round - am I doing something wrong?

This is the first time I am using circular needles and the first time I am knitting in round. Well, not really the first time. I have knitted in round with double pointed needles when I made a doggy sweater, but I was knitting in rib stitch then and everything looked/turned alright.

I am making this top now in garter stitch. I made the front, the back, and the sleeves, as the pattern says. I put them on circular needles in a way that the tails where I have joined the yarn are inside the circle, so I was planning the outside, the side that is facing me when I am knitting in round, to be the right side of the garment. I made 3-4 rounds and now I noticed that I am getting stockinet stitch, and the Vs are on the right side of the garment, the Us are on the wrong side of the garment. I went to check the picture of the top, and it seems that the whole thing is in garter stitch, at least that is what I am seeing on the outside. Now, I know that once I am done I can turn it, concile the tails from where I have joined the yarn, and made the side with Us to be the right side of the garment.

I was just wondering if I am doing something wrong. Should I have put the tails on the outside when I was putting the pieces on the circulars and then knit in round. Or should I have purln instead of knit.

I hope this make sense. :??

you’ll always get stockinette knitting in the round…one reason why people really like it. To get garter in the round you need to mark the beginning of the join and alternate knit and purl rows.