Knitting in public

not only do I KIP but I’ll start a whole new project while I’m at it. I needed to cast on fora bag and just too everything with me I needed.

LOL- me too! I don’t feel weird about much in public at all, at least knitting doesn’t accidentally expose a breast occasionally (unless you’re REALLY doing it wrong- I guess!)


ETA- little kids do like to watch knitting. Considering in ages past a 4 year old girl was expected to be able to knit mittens, I am sure they can learn. My son wants to learn- but this seems to be most pressing when we are at a yarn store. He always wants this or that yarn to “learn to knit” with it (although he already has 2 skeins of his own!) He is my kid!

Okay, well, the natural births[I] are [/I]crazy! lol

I know the feeling!!! It makes my husband crazy. When I know we are going some where and I know we are going to be waiting, I bring my knitting. He gets mad and I don’t care…I don’t get impatient (like him) while we wait.

My family was picking out lighting fixtures at home depot a while back, and I was so bored. So I reached into my purse and pulled out the hedgehog I’d been knitting, and started knitting!!! My parents didn’t blink, but the employees had a hard time not staring. ROFL

I’m still a teen, but everyone calls me “hippie girl” as I am really into a lot of crunchy kinds of things. I want to be a WAM, pro photographer, with a masters herbalist certificate and a midwifery degree (though I’m not going to make a business out of those two.). Will I do it all? Totally! I have a very supportive family and extended family though, and they all love me for my craziness. :wink: