Knitting in public

I have to share this with you. Last night my son’s football team held their first scrimmage. So, while he rested I knitted. Several people came by and were amazed that I could knit. 3 little girls wanted to sit by me and just watch–not saying a word. During a break, my son looked up in the stands and found me; I waved and he just shook his head. :yay:

Sounds perfectly normal to ME!!!

I love when the really young kids sit and watch my Knitting be created, it gives the parents a bit of a break, and I LOVE telling them they can learn this some day themselves


When another 2nd grade teacher and I knit during recess we always have at least 5 kiddos gathered around us just silently watching. They always want to know how we do it. We have just about decided to write a grant to get money to pay for supplies and start a knitting club for our 2nd graders and up.

I always get a little chuckle out of the knitting in public threads, because I teach breastfeeding classes & do breastfeeding advocacy whenever possible. A huge thing is nursing in public (NIP), supporting women who nurse their babies and boycotting companies that break various laws by asking them to leave. So many people have seen my boobs that the idea of knitting in public being any sort of issue always makes me laugh a little (in a good way). I love KIP myself! I’m often met with awe and I wonder why, because it’s not really that hard once you get the basics :slight_smile:

I also knit at my son’s practices and games. the only time i STOP knitting is when he’s on the field.

As or NIP: i did it too :slight_smile: I go to the nurse-ins they have in our area and knit… I don’t have anymore babies, but i still support the women :slight_smile:

I love the KIP messages. I love to knit so much I take it where ever I go so I can seize any opportunity. My colleaugues think nothing of it when they pass by my desk and see my knitting on my desk or on my lap.

I was a NIP as well but have heard of a Nurse-In. I would like to show my support for breast-feeding mothers espcially those who work. Any thoughts? Thank you

That would be my son too…just shaking his head. :roll: DD knits so she doesn’t mind. My kids are used to it and so are the kids/parents that know me. At one time I thought about making up a sign “Yes, I’m knitting a pair of socks!” :wink:

I love when little kids just sit and watch…at first they’ll just sneak glances but once I smile they will try to figure out what I’m doing…so sweet.

It’s hard for moms who work. I’ve been lucky to work around my own schedule so far. I am ready to be done to be honest-I’ve been nursing for 4 years straight (2 different kids) and am pretty over it! I always write letters or emails when I hear about things like women getting kicked off of airplanes or asked to leave stores. Now that the benefits of human milk for babies are so widely known, it seems as though more and more companies are being supportive. The CDC is here in Atlanta and they provide their employees who have babies with a breast pump, a pumping room, and a lactation consultant! Pretty awesome (and fitting, considering what their purpose is).

Hmmm…someday I should try K&NIP at once. LOL

That would be quite a feat! :teehee: I can see it now, needles in one hand, baby in the other.

How wonderful that the CDC provides all that. When I went back to work after I had my daughter I bought my $200 pump and had to have somebody lock me in my classroom while I didn’t have a class (I was always terrified there would be a fire). I still got walked in on by my principal since he had a key. He thought I had left for my planning period.

I don’t seem to have as many chances to KIP as I used to. My “baby” leaves for college next week (eyes filling with tears) so I haven’t been transporting her or having to wait for her at a practice, lesson or whatever for a while now. But if I know I’m going to have to wait somewhere (dr office or whatever) I always have my knitting and a book.

I was a NIP mom too. It can be accomplished so discreetly that nothing shows. I’ve always been a rebel anyway, so I honestly didn’t care if others had a problem with it. I never got thrown out of anywhere either - thank God. It always makes me smile to see a mom NIP.

Julianne would be horrified but is it not my job to embarrass her? I do excel at it.

Tomorrow our public library is having a knitting, crocheting, crafting afternoon. You are to bring your project and work on it at the library.

Good idea? It might be if they had a half-way decent collection of knitting books. Alas, they do not.

I’m not going. Not in protest, but DGD has a dental appointment.

I am one of those that always has my knitting crocheting with me at practices or games of the multiple sports that both my kids play in. This past February I didn’t knit during a regional basketball game for my daughter’s high school cause I wanted to watch it closely. They lost & the coaches told me I HAD to knit at the next game! :rofl: I did & they won that one.

I am back to driving the school bus again here in GA this week & have my knitting/crocheting with me for when I get that 10 minutes in between run & can get in a row or two or more on my current project done. Also work on my project when sitting in the afternoons at the schools waiting for dismissal. I have had so many other driver’s say they want to learn & I tell them what to go get. Have taught 2 so far!

I am also a member of a knitting group that meets at a local coffee shop & we get people coming in just to watch us & learn. We have gained 14 new members this way! Never know who you may get interested in our favorite hobby just by KIP!

Hey-I live in Powder Springs too.

I too was a NIP. Drove the people crazy in my southern town. My mom called me “mother earth”–because I nursed, used cloth diapers and homemade baby food. So, KIP is nothing!

I drove my straight-laced family CRAZY with the nursing! If I have another I am making baby food and cloth-diapering. My daughter says I have a hippie streak. Truth is that I am so adamant about things being all-natural–including food and fibers–but I am a good ol’ conservative Baptist.

I love to knit in public and I NIP too :D. I’d love to KIP while I NIP, but that would take much more talent then I could muster LOL.

I recently was knitting at work and a co-workers DD would just sit there and watch so I offered to teach her. I only got to chow her the cast on before she had to go home. Her mom taught her to knit and now the kid is knitting pretty much every day. The mom got back into it too. I’m thrilled!

I am always knitting when I go to the Ortho and at my dad’s softball games. When I knit at the ortho I have several of the nurses(or whatever you call them) come up and ask what I am doing and tell me how nice it is to see a young person crocheting I quickly explain I am knitting on dpns.

LOL! My whole family is Baptist (though I’m not) and they do all think I’m crazy (i had natural births & my 2nd was born at home-but I am the only one in my family who had no complications from birth! Yet I’m the crazy one, ha ha). But both my aunts nursed my cousins. It’s funny because the family rumor was that one of my aunts nursed her eldest son til he was 7! When I was still nursing my 1st, I asked her how long she had nursed him, and she said 15 months. LOL! Yeah, that’s the same as 7 years. My 1st nursed for 31 months and my 2nd will be 2 in a month and is still nursing (though I’m pretty tired of it at this point). I also used cloth diapers and baby slings and all that crunchy stuff :slight_smile:

Yesterday, the kids & I went to the local pool with my Mother. They closed for 20 minutes just as we got there, because they heard thunder (some policy they have) :shrug:

So, we sat in the sun, and I restarted a Kunststrik doily for my mom on dpns that she had messed up badly… (she also doesn’t know how to start a project over 3 dpn’s)

There was a group of about 5 little girls (6-8 age range) that were all giggling and watching me out of the corner of their eyes… :knitting:
It was quite funny… me in my bikini outside a pool working on dpn’s! :roflhard: