Knitting in Public: I Love Getting Stared At

I was at a Dr.'s waiting room yesterday and when I take out my knitting (especially if it’s on DPNs) people look at me like I have 2 heads or something. A lady was trying to seem as if she wasn’t looking, I caught her eye and I said, “it’s OK, I’m used to people staring”, she smiled and said “I’m just amazed that you can do that with 4 needles and without looking” :teehee: so we had a short conversation and it seemed like others were dying to opine as well but were shy.

I think it’s cute when they stare. I think if I ever walk into a waiting room and find [U]another[/U] knitter or a crocheter, I’ll just faint out of surprise!:thud:

Spending time here I seem to think everyone in the world knits and then when I go out into the real world I find out they don’t.

I knit in public a lot - and very few people react at all.

I knit in public sometimes. At the doctor’s office I get a lot of looks and smiles as I don’t think most people are used to seeing a 22 year old knitting. I had one woman approach me while I was knitting a very easy ribbed hat in the round and tell me she tried to knit but never could.
I also overheard an older lady in the ER commenting to her husband in surprise that I was knitting a beautiful scarf and “pretty fast too”. I was so flattered.
One thing I think is funny is that people seem to think it’s perfectly fine to touch whatever you’re knitting. I don’t mind, but I can see how others might!

That’s great. I guess it depends on where you live too. I don’t consider the staring a bad reaction, I chuckle at it. I hear some (men mostly) get some downright rude comments.

When I am going to KIP, I usually wear my t-shirt that says “Knit or Go Home” and I get laughs from that. I also notice that people won’t look directly at you when you are knitting, they sneak peeks! Let them. I am proud of my knitting abilities!

I enjoyed this post. As a working mother of 2 toddlers I try to squeeze in knitting where ever I can… in the car, at the doctors office, at my desk with my kniting on my lap and my chair pushed in, basically anytime I feel like I am idle… I also like it when people watch and ask questions it make me feel like I am a member of an elite and ancient club.

“[I]One thing I think is funny is that people seem to think it’s perfectly fine to touch whatever you’re knitting[/I]”

grin I remember giving a lace shawl to someone - and when she saw what was in the package her response was “you take it out, I’m not touching that; I’d ruin it!”

lol, thats priceless. people dont get it sometimes that what we do is very practicle and useable do they.

i knitted for the first time in public last week, i got some really funny looks. it was abnother case of OMG whats a 26 year old doing with needles. i was in a kids play area on a ferry.

i’m very self consious of people looking at me, so drawing attention to myself with knitting is a no go usually for me. i thought in a kids play area with no other adults id be ok.

I get lots of looks and comments. Most people do ask my permission before touching my work though.

I was in a little honky tonk in Texarkana last night and one youngish guy commented that with my size and tattoos I just didn’t fit the stereotype of a knitter. :rofl: I considered that a great compliment.

I notice the sneak peeking more from young to middle aged women, the older ones will sometimes comment and kids just stare outright. :teehee:

I laugh at the sneak peeks! I get them all the time. I was sitting in a Drs office a few month ago and a little girl was staring and her dad was sneaking looks. I guess people see some one knitting and they expect to see gray hair and arthritis. I’m only 29. Hopefully the gray hair and arthritis will stay away for awhile:teehee:

Yesterday was our weekly trip to speech class with my 3 yr old. Now We have been going since November '07 so those who are back in the speech area KNOW I knit. Well yesterday hubby was off from work and I did have a crochet project but didnt feel like working on it. And wouldn’t you believe it the one guy who work in the speech dept. actually asked me WHY I wasn’t working on something. LOL I told him cause I had hubby to keep entertained. He laughed and went on down th hall.

I find that KIP brings forth curiosity…

Different everywhere…On the subway: it brought chatty ppl…on the streetcar: starers, at work: surprized comments (surprized like in “I don’t knit, that is amazing” from customers, not surprized as in, “OMG you are allowed to do that here!”)

I find it also depends on what you are knitting…DPNs bring a lot of awe, most ppl think it looks complicated…

Ha ha, knitters secret that it’s not! :teehee:

I love KIP too. I get most of my knitting done at my kids’ events (gymnastics class, ballet class…). I think kids are the best, they will usually just walk up and ask what you’re doing. Then the parents sneak-listen in. :slight_smile: I knit in my sunday school class too, and it seems I’ve drawn out several other knitters in my class who had never brought their knitting with them until they saw me do it.

You all are brave! The only place I knit in public is football practice. Last year there was a grandma that knit at practice too. That was cool. Once I pulled it out once or twice I was comfortable cause they all expected it.

I don’t like to draw attention to myself. I either knit at practice or I work on my laptop (unfortunately the work is beating out the knitting this season) and the first time I did that too I have to force myself to just do it. I know people will stare and it makes me uncomfortable.

I drive a fancy convertible. I prefer to wear a hat because then I feel more hidden from people staring. :aww:

I KIP all the time. Which most people thinks is freaky since I’m a teen. But I knit almost all the time at home, and when we leave, and there is nothing to do… KNIT TIME!!!

I have knit from places such as a meuseum/nature conservatory to the middle of Walmart and Home Depot. I’m not shy. :slight_smile:

I get a lot of knitting done while KIP. I knit at kids practices and at Drs. offices. I get lots of glances but rarely will anyone say anything. I did have one dad at hockey tell me he use to knit as a kid, his mother had taught him. He would always come over to see what I was working on. I did have one lady tell me she thought it was great that I was keeping the tradition of knitting alive and not to stop.:?? Ummm…OKay?

I KIP all the time. I’m at my doctor’s office weekly for injections and have to wait 30 minutes before I can leave. I have an hour on Mondays while I wait for my son during his therapies. I knit in the car while parked in carline at school awaiting my kids. I knit at the park or McDonalds while my kids play. Almost every where I go, I seem to get the same reactions.

“Wow, that looks so complicated! I could never do that!”
[B]Well, maybe, but I think driving is a bit more involved and you made it here didn’t you?[/B]

“I have a daughter, aunt, mother who does that!”
[B]What a coincidence! My mother, niece and son could say the same thing!"[/B]

“I don’t have the patience for that.”
[B]Hmm. I don’t have the patience to sit here WITHOUT knitting.[/B]

“Isn’t that boring/tedious?”
[B]Not any more than talking to you.[/B]

(Obviously, these are responses I’d LIKE to give, but I generally just smile and nod.)

I especially love it when kids stare. They’re not shy about showing their interest, and I had the chance to chat with a 4-year old who was REALLY interested in it. I was making a dog sweater, so I took out my pattern book and showed her the pictures of the pretty pups with their handknitted items and she loved that. I gave her a ball of waste yarn I carry around and showed her how easy it was to do a K and a P. Her grandmother was interested too and I encouraged her to get something for kids at Hobby Lobby since she was so interested (more than most).

DPNs do get a whole lot more stares and especially socks. I must admit a year or so ago I myself would have been the one staring should I have seen someone actually KNITTING A SOCK :thud:… one older gentleman recently saw me knitting and said “I grew up watching that, my mom did it all the time” and my mom’s doctor said “that’s a lost art”. It’s not anymore, but he obviously didn’t know that!