Knitting in pattern on decrease rows

I’m knitting the back of this cardigan and having a bit of a problem. The diagonal cable pattern starts where the decrease for the raglan shaping starts. And I frogged that entire portion this morning because the cables just looked wrong.

The pattern says “Change to diagonal stitch pattern. Work dec row: K1, K2tog, patt to last 3sts, SSK, K1. Repeat dec row every other row 15 times more, continuing diagonal stitch pattern over reamining sts.”

For each row, I followed the pattern stitch instructions, regardless of where the pattern lined up with previous rows. Was I supposed to adjust the pattern for each decrease row so it lines up as it would on rows without decreases?

Oh yes, if you dec on the edges, you can’t start the stitch pattern at stitch one; you need to start where it would be if you hadn’t decreased the sts.

Thank you!

So, for example, on the 5th decrease row I’ve decreased 4 stitches, one on either end of rows 1 and 3. Now I figure the end stitches don’t matter, so I would disregard only the first 2 stitches in the pattern. Is that right?

The stitch pattern for the 5th row is “K1, K3, slip one stitch to cable needle and hold to front, K2, K1 from cable needle, K1” If I’m correct, I’d start with the second stitch from the K3. Am I reasoning that correctly?

I believe that would be correct.