Knitting in Okinawa

Hello fellow knitters, it’s been a while since I dropped by.

Don’t know if people remember me, but my name is Diana and my husband (Air Force man) and I live in Okinawa, Japan on a four year tour.

I hope everybody’s doing well around here. I’ll have to check up on threads to see what’s new in everybody’s neck of the woods.

Last weekend, the ladies at the church we attend decided to have a lady’s knitting day, so that those who knit could teach others how to knit.
Around 30 ladies signed up, both American and Japanese. I suggested to the organizers to check up on the videos on this site and they ended up playing one of them (continental knit) for the entire group on an large projector. It was a fun day!

Hi Diana! Nice to see you back here! That sounds like a fun day!

Hi Diana,
I was just on Okinawa! My daughter and husband and 3 children live on Foster, she is nurse working for WIC.
I taught her how to knit a couple of years ago and she picked it up quickly, but I know she doesn’t have time to knit now.
But if she knew of a group there, maybe she would get back to it!

I really loved it there, we saw and did so much.


Jan: Hiiiiiiii! waves It’s been a while!
Jen: Helloooooo. You can direct your daughter to check: and join the Knitter’s group.
I think they get together twice a month, once outside Lester and once in Kadena. My schedule doesn’t let me drop by on them, but I hear they’re really cool.