Knitting in my FAVORITE show!

i’ve slowly but surely been making my way through my series dvd’s of gilmore girls i got for christmas and i’m in the beginning of the 7th season and i’m watching an episode that there’s going to be a town KNIT-a-thon! every 10 seconds there’s knitting involved, making this my absolute favorite show ever!

i just thought it was cool so i figured i’d share it. :happydance:

I remember that :).

I got sort of frighteningly excited when Izzy and Meredith were knitting on Grey’s Anatomy.

yeah i remember that episode too. Too bad it took place during the season the show started to go downhill. :frowning:

Did you know there’s a Gilmore Girls group on ravelry? There are a couple of threads on that group’s forum about the ‘knitting show’.


Dontcha just love when that happens?! I can’t wait for the Movie version of “Friday Night Knitting Club.” I read the book and LOVED it!

I’ve been thinking about buying that book. I was wondering who read it and if they thought it was good.

I liked that episode. I remember Lorelai had a cool t shirt that had a skull and knitting needles (instead of crossbones) and it said “knit or die”, or somethin like that, lol.

I don’t know if anyone watches Pushing Daisies (you should!), but one of the main characters is a P.I. and he is also a knitter. He used the knitting needles to save them in one episode