Knitting in Movies and TV

Someone has been gathering information on knitting scenes in movies and tv!

Wouldn’t it be fun to watch some of those scenes? :slight_smile:

That’s quite a long list of movies!!! I can remember the scenes in a few of them. :teehee:

Thanks for posting that… I just e-mailed them with a couple more movies :rofl:

OMGoodness, I had no idea that our art was portrayed in so many movies!!

I’ve been looking for a copy of the film “Mr.Lucky” with Cary Grant. Theres supposed to be this whole scene of him learning to knit that is hilarious. Then later in the film he is seen knitting while talking to someone nd he goes “wait a minute I dropped a stitch” and then you see him knitting in taxis and stuff. Has anyone seen this movie? It’s not on Netflix and my local library doesn’t have it. :verysad:

I haven’t seen Mr. Lucky. I’d like to see CG knit though. Scarecrow Video has this title, so it might be the right one (Seattle, they have everything). It looks like this was only put out on video in the 90’s (no dvd), so it might be tough to find a copy. Chances might be better finding a revival screening at an old theatre or on cable tv :verysad:

I was all excited when I started reading it, then I realized that it lists the stars of the movies on some, not who knits! (Can you imagine Tom Hanks knitting?)

I want to go back and watch some of these so I can watch the knitting. I just started knitting in February so I wouldn’t have ever noticed it when I watched them the first time.


Exactly. I’ve seen some of those before too, but it was before I was a knitter. If I saw them for the first time now, I would be all…“OMG! They’re knitting!!!” :teehee:

I don’t know if anyone saw this but Gray’s Anatomy had a pretty funny knitting episode last season. I can’t usually stay up to see it so I can’t remember who the character was but she had taken up knitting to help curb her sex addiction. I found it quite amusing.

Nadja xxx

I can’t get the list to open so I can’t check, but I just saw a commercial for an arthritis med (advil? Aleve?) that the woman was a knitter & said she wasn’t willing to give up knitting because of arthritis. I thought that was cool!!! In fact she said “I’m a baby boomer and I intend to go out fighting and knitting.” rofl

Nah its not the same one. Oh well. If I do find it, it would be a great knit-at-the-movies night movie. We have them sometimes in Portland. THis funky small theater agrees to show a movie with the lights dimmed so we can knit. I :heart: Portland.

I noticed they had Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the WereRabbit, but Gromit (the dog) also knits in all the short films (which are all well worth seeing!).

And I’m dying to see snicker The Cannibal Women of the Avocado Jungle of Death. Mystery Science Theatre, anyone? :rofl: :chair:

I LOVE Mystery Science Theater! :heart:

I just submitted the following to the Knitting in the movies/on tv site:

One of last years episodes of Monk had him holding a skein of yarn while it was being wound into a huge ball. In this episode Monk had amnesia and the character played by Laurie Metcalf had conned him into believing he was her husband.

Did anyone else see that episode?

YES! I sooooooo wanted to see her teach him to knit. That would have been hilarious. My 10 year old son and I watch Monk. I think we’ve seen them all. My son still says he likes Sharona better than Natalie. I like them both. Now that I think about it, Monk wouldn’t be able to knit. He’d be too obsessed over making each stich look exactly the same he’d never get anything done.

P-town is cool.

I can’t believe they didn’t include the most famous knitter in all of literature: Madame Dufarge in Dickens’s A Tale of Two Cities. Her knitting serves a symbolic function – a sort of metonymy for her revolutionary ardor. It is also hinted, though never confirmed, that her knitting is some sort of recording/code to be used by the revolutionaries in spreading terror.

I’ve submitted it to them, as well as Brokeback Mountain, where Alma knits while Ennis fumes at his frustrated life.


You should check the Turner Classic Movie site periodically. I know they’ve run Mr. Lucky before although it’s not on the schedule this month.

You can even request that they run certain movies. Although, I’m not sure how much of a demand they need before they’d run something.

Nothing I love better than sitting in the knittin’ throne, wrapped up in an afghan and watching a good old movie!!