Knitting in movies - 2 comments

Has anyone seen “Never Been Kissed”? There is a guy knitting in this movie!!! Very cool. Also, I envy those of you who can knit in a dark theater. Everytime I try to knit while watching a movie at home I drop a stitch and end up missing several scenes. I can just imagine what my work would look like after knitting in a theatre. :rollseyes:

I don’t bring knitting to the movies, but I find that when I watch a DVD at home, there are times I don’t even know what the main characters look like! I used to rent foreign film, but I gave up on them because I couldn’t catch all the subtitles! :expressionless:

well i gave up doing anything that required me to count or really pay attention. i have some foreign films in my collection that i love but i find i never watch them anymore. i don’t actually LOOK at the tv very often when i am “watching” and i never did…so now that i knit while i am watching or use them to help me get to sleep…they just sit there collecting dust…sigh

but i do love my theatre knitting time!!

I can barely watch TV when I knit, let alone in a dark movie theatre! I get too sucked into the story and forget to knit. :rollseyes:

My son was watching a cartoon the other day (Dave the Barbarian?) and Dave was knitting a sweater. I thought to myself “he must be knitting continental, cause I don’t see him throwing the yarn.” Then I slapped myself for analysing the way a CARTOON was knitting! Sheesh.

Oh, and he was knitting the sweater with someone’s nose hair. Ew.

I was knitting all through the season finale of “Lost” and I had to re-watch a bunch the next day, because I missed a bunch of the cool details. :rollseyes:

I knit through “Madagascar” on Friday night. It went quite well, but I had to stop every few stitches and feel up the shrug I’m doing in K1P1 rib to see if I was doing the pattern correctly. I was amazed that I didn’t make any mistakes!

I can knit during many movies, but DH would divorce me if I brought my knitting to a movie theatre! That said, if the movie is too involving, I put the knitting to the side. I once was knitting during Spirited Away (incredible movie, very whack) and had to undo all three inches I’d knit!