Knitting in Movie Theatre!

I have to ask if I am the only person who has knitted in a movie theatre.My DH has blamed this web-site for getting me hooked on knitting , which I have to thank Amy!!!The website is a great help!!!
He thinks it’s crazy that I brought my knitting to the theatre.The movie was going to be boring and the company that night was’nt great.I was just finishing up my first scarf(which was for him).I don’t think it’s crazy.What does anyone else think?Am I the only movie knitter out there???

Hi Kelly1205, you’re welcome for the videos! :wink:

You are DEFINITELY in good company with the theater knitting. Lots of us do it, and they even sell light up knitting needles which are marketted for knitting in the theater! :thumbsup:

I knit in the movie theater. And in restaurants. Hell, I knit everywhere.

it is the reason i see two movies a week on average. and i specifically look for movies that interest me that are two hours or more. if they are less i grumble the whole way to the theatre about short movies…lol. I don’t get a lot of time at home where i can sit and knit…by the time i get home at night i am often too tired to knit more than a couple of rows…the weekend theatre trips are my knitting time! :thumbsup:

though i am not sure i could use the light up needles…lol. that seems like it would be rather obtrusive to the other people in the theatre. i do use my cell phone for light if something doesn’t feel right to me though! :wink:

Yup (raising my hand) I knit at movies too. I knit on the bus, in line at the grocery store, while watchin the boob, while my son plays with friends, while at work, you name it. I would knit in the bathtub if I had one!

yes, I knit in the movies too. I also knit in any line that I know it is going to take more than 5 minutes. I even knit while under cold compression at my physical theropy office. They pick on me about it, but hey, it is 15 minutes wasted knitting time if I don’t do it there. :roflhard:

Like I said to my friend while I was teaching her to knit last week and she kept making mistakes:
Pretty much anything and everything you do with knitting at least a hundred people have before. Most likely it’s a lot more than that, but you’re never ever alone. :wink:

I’ve never even thought about knitting in a movie theater before! Wow… I thought I was the only one who was addicted on that level. Nice to know I’m not alone! :slight_smile:

i dont watch foreign films anymore because knitting takes precedence over being able to watch the screen at all times. :XX: :XX:

I took my DS7 to see Ice Age 2 last week and was very grateful to have my knitting with me. Didn’t have quite enough light to cable by though :frowning: so I had to stop after 5 rounds.

I love foreign films, but I get antsy when I can’t knit!

I used to rent foreign films all the time, but not any more!

oh yeah…i have no attention span the way it is so trying to cable in the dark i wouldn’t even try. i only bring stuff that is super easy that i don’t really need to be able to watch closely to knit.

I never thought of knitting in a theater but… Yes! You can knit while watching foreign films. My husband and I love to rent those especially, so I had to get the hang of it. Ususally the subtitles are short and sweet and with just a glance to catch a verb or a noun does the trick. And if not? I ask my husband, “what did she say?” He’s pretty patient with my knitting obsession. :smiley:

I have the captioning on when I watch anything at home, so usually I’ll only knit something that doesn’t have a pattern. And I rarely go to theaters to watch movies because, well, they don’t have captions. I’m not deaf, but I do have a hard time hearing things, especially if the person speaking has poor enunciation or there’s a lot of background noise (like, oh, a soundtrack).

So the phrase, “what did he say?” is a staple no matter what country the movie is from, or whether or not I’m knitting! :thumbsup:

WE’re going to the cinema tonight to see mission Impossible and I tought about taking my knitting. Worried that the ‘click, click’ of the needles may annoy people. Maybe I’ll take it anyway. :XX:

The Dolby stereo sound of the explosions in MI: III will mask any possible noise your needles will make. :lol:

Frankly, I’m in awe. I have special lights so I can see what I’m doing. I can’t imagine knitting in the dark. Y’all are fee-nom-e-nal!!!

Never taken my knitting to the theater, but one of my favorite places is in waiting rooms at dr offices. Then of course on the BART (train)…

In the end I didn’t take it as I was worried abot reading the pattern and counting stitches etc. But the sound would have drowned out the ‘click, clickety’ noice. MI2 was very good but very loud. :roflhard: