Knitting in color that's not intarsia

Hi, I heard about a kind of knitting in colour that wasn’t intarsia or fair isle but more like embroidering a piece of work after it’s finished instead of working the piece in the colours. I would like to learn this method but I have no idea what it is called? Could anyone help me with this? I think it has the word ‘Scottish’ in it, but it’s not ‘Scottish Knitting’. Thank you.

It is called duplicate stitch or swiss darning. If you “google” it… you will find lots of information. Hope this helps.

Check out this website.

There are some pictures. Make sure to hit “next” at the bottom of the page.

Duplicate stitch is one method for adding colorwork (motifs) to knitting…
other are stripes…[B]plain[/B] or…
[B]fancy[/B] (start with 3 fine weight yarns,(ie sock/fingering weightyarn held together to make a worsted/or chunky weight yarn)
–knit a few rows of 3 strand color A, then a few rows of 2 strand A, 1 strand B, then a few rows of 2 strand B, 1 strand A, then 3 stands of B… (repeat this pattern with C, D, etc… )

and [B]slip stitches[/B].
and [B]mosaic[/B] (mosaic is a specific kind of slip stitch work)

all these methods have just one “strand” of yarn per row…

some slip stitch patterns use 2 colors, others are multi colored and can create a very complex pattern–with a rather simple knitted patter (a 2 stitch, 2 row pattern–made slightly more complex by using 3 colors–
(see this sample/tutorial of tri color linen stitch)

mosaic stitches create even more complex (difficult looking but easy to knit color designs)