Knitting in another ball of yarn

Fellow knitters,

Though I enjoy knitting, I’m still quite inexperienced and so I still don’t know how to knit in another ball of the same yarn. I’m currently knitting a 22 stitch knit-purl-knit scarf and the videos I’ve seen don’t explain if you can use their methods on my chosen technique. Could anyone explain how to knit in another ball of yarn on a knit-purl-knit scarf, recommend me a good video, or show me a method that works for every technique?
Thanks in advance.

Take a look at the Tips page (scroll down to Joining Yarn). There are several methods, all of which work. It’s really a matter of personal preference. Try a few of the techniques on some scrap yarn and see which you prefer. I usually knit a few sts with both the old and new yarn overlapped and then continue with the new yarn (making sure I leave about a 6 inch tail with each yarn) but I try other methods too.

I have tried the Russian Join which is on this site and recently learned a new technique that seems to work well with worsted weight yarn. It is the invisible double knot join and if you use this it is great for joining yarn undetected. Someone recently commented that it does not work well with acrylic yarns though. If you google invisible double knot join you will find videos of how to do this technique

The reason I read why it doesn’t work is that you have to trim the ends off very close, and they just pull out. With wool, they semi-felt or grab better, so it will hold. This could be determined by using some scrap yarn to see how it works.