Knitting in a round

am i doing this right??? :??

Yeah, Sure, you’re doing great.

ok, thanks. this is the first time i’ve done this!!!
your avatar is so cute!!! my baby does that wide eyed thing too!

I think you might be knitting on the inside instead of the outside. The v’s should be on the outside the the purls should be on the inside.

o… i’m glad you said somthing. i didn’t even notice that. its going to be felted… doe it matter that i knitted on the wrong side of one of the needles!!! :oops:

I don’t really know. I’ve only felted one pair of clogs. :rollseyes:

hmmmm. :thinking: ok we shall see!

It does make a bit of a difference, but it doesn’t matter much. I wouldn’t worry. However, you should try to break yourself of the habit asap. :slight_smile:

well wait…there are a couple of things i thought of that i am wondering about. first, are you still knitting and purling each row? if the pattern is telling you to stockinette stitch you would do that by knitting each round, you don’t need to switch back and forth.

also, is it possible that whatever pattern she is working would force the purls (i think the bumps are the purls right?…yes after all this time that still befuddles me) to the outside?

well i’m not acually purling i just knit. i noticed that the bumps aren’t the wrong side it when i add a stich in the front and back. why does it bump? i’m making the felted kitty bed here.
kitty bed

I don’t really know why your increases don’t show as bumps.

I do know that knitting in the round should put your knit stitches on the outside rather than on the inside.

Lets say that the first needle with stitches on it is needle one. The empty one is needle 4. Needle one is in your left hand. Needle four is in your right hand. Needle two and three are behind the two needles in your hand. Not in front of them.