Knitting in a motif?

Hey everyone! As those of you who read my posts may already know, I’m knitting three pairs of Monkey socks for my friends, in red and yellow and luscious bluey-green. I want to knit in ISAIAH 52:7 on the bottom of these, probably at the end right as I begin the toe decreases. I had originally planned on just stranding which I think would be really cool. Only problem is, one of the pairs is a really beautiful lemony yellow, and it is absolutely unacceptable for the stranded color to bleed - it would just completely ruin these socks! I was thinking about maybe writing it with purl bumps, which would be cool because it would be really subtle, kind of like secret scripture socks. But I did a little swatch, and it’s completely illegible.

So, I’d rather not include the scripture on the bottom than have something bleed onto her pretty yellow socks. But I really want to include the scriptures on their socks (I’m not about to include them on the bottom of the red and bluey-green ones and not on the yellow…) because it’s super important to me/us.

So any ideas?

I like the verse, Rachel, read it on

Don’t have a solution for you, just wanted to say that you are a lovely person to make socks with special meaning for your friends.

Perhaps I could write it with knit stitches, if they have a block of purls ALL around making an even square to set them out?

I’ll swatch and we’ll see. I reaaaally wanna do this :wink:

I kind of want it to be like the dishcloths that people make, with different words and stuff in them… I just can’t get it to work.
Maybe if the words are slightly larger, and done in garter stitch instead of reverse stockinette?

Maybe I’ve missed something… but what if you knit the lettering in white or in a slightly different yellow? Perhaps that, combined with knitting them in purl bumps, would make it stand out enough to be legible.

What a wonderful idea!

lol I only have one real question: Why didn’t I think of white? :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!

And who’s to say that a darker color would bleed? (Unless you’ve tried it with a swatch.)

I’ve knit many colored garments and nothing has ever bled.:shrug:

I’m guessing that you have patterns for the alphabet for illusion knitting? If not

white or different yellow would look great! Very sweet…