Knitting i-cord

can i knit icord on circular needles?
i dont have any DPNs and i would like to make some to make into a choker/neclace with a ring attached.

also is there a way of knitting my ring into the icord so its held firm?

thank you.

Yes, you can use a circular needle - but the way between the needletips is much longer and therefore it will take more time to push the stitches from one needle end to the other. With DPNs it’s faster and more convenient I think.

To knit the ring in: before you start you have to pull the yarn through the ring. Start knitting and forget the ring until you reach the position where the ring should be.

Then you push the ring to the last knitted stitch and knit the next stitch. The ring will now be secured between two stitches. It’s like knitting beads in.

There is a method where you can put all the stitches on ONE needle. Basically, all the stitches go on the left needle, and you knit every OTHER one, turn and do the same on the way back. You end up with a tube if you’re doing it right. It always takes me a few go arounds to get it going, but it is way faster.