Knitting history

I started wandering crafting forums looking for things related to sewing. I accidentally hit on the knitting section (I think it was Craftster) and my eyes got big. Then I started to read about how long it took for people to make the tops and scarves and I thought, “No way! A week only?” After looking at more pics, I decided to brave it and saw a link to this web site. Thank goodness! On my first try, I had it all wrong and the videos saved me. That was a year ago. My first project was a washcloth, my second a scarf, third a pair of hats and then a clapotis (which I love and use often). I’ve gotten over the honeymoon period (where I was literally carrying knitting with me through the house, on errands, etc.) and now am more reasonable about it. Hehe. It was getting a little hard to keep track of where I was in a pattern if I had to stop and start so often.

oopss…this was supposed to go under knitting history. not sure where i made a boo boo!