Knitting help

I am working on a pattern that called for 88 stitiches to be cast on. After several rows 23 of the stitches are put on a holder, 42 stitches are put on a holder then the last 23 are knitted to a certain length and then bound off. You then put the 42 stitiches back on a needle, joining the yarn and then knitting to the same length as the last section. My question is, how do I join the yarn to the 42 stitches without leaving a knot, there’s no tail or seam to add it on to.

Here’s how I do it…just start knitting with the new yarn, leaving a tail of about 8 inches or so. Knit across and back again and then loosely tie the tail end to the working yarn. When you’re all finished knitting, just weave the tail in.

It’s always worked for me, but I’m sure others will have some good methods too.

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Thanks for the help. This sounds like a good idea. Shameless plug? No Way! See you on your site!

Once you do that first row to join the yarn, you’ll knit back over it. Then on row 3, I’d pick up that tail with your working yarn and knit it into the first 4 or 5 stitches of that row. Essentially, you’d be weaving it in right then and wouldn’t need to do it later.

Did that make sense?

That’s a great way to do it too! Probably better than how I do it. I’ve always had a thing about actually tying knots though. I’m always afraid of the tail unweaving itself later.