Knitting help

i am new to knitting and am taking on a sweater project. i have no idea what the directions are telling me to do!
the stripe pattern is
row 1 with cc knit
row 2 with cc purl
row 3 with mc knit
row 4 with mc purl

the part that is confusing me is:
neck shaping: keeping in pattern k 15 sts. join second strand of yarn and bind off next 14 sts, k to end. working both sides at once, work even in pattern until back measures 15" from beginning. bind off.

i have no idea what it means when i am supposed to join the second strand or working both sides at once??
please help. thanks very much

You’re going to be making the shoulders at this point. So you knit across the first 15 stitches–that’s one shoulder. You drop that yarn, and with a new strand you bind off the center 14 stitches–that’s the neck. Continuing with that yarn, you knit the other shoulder stitches.

Now you have your two shoulders, each with their own strand. You knit one with it’s strand, and then the other with IT’s strand. You can keep them on the same needle. You take turns doing each one–at the same time–so that they’ll be sure to be the same length.

Sound clear?

Hi everybody ,
I started to knit a Capelet,

Rounds 1-13: Knit

Rounds 14-15: K1, *yo, ssk, repeat from * to last stitch in round, end K1.

Repeat these 15 rounds 2 times, until 45 rounds have been worked, ending with 2 round lace pattern

The underline part i don’t really understand, is it the same “Repeat these 15 rnds until 45 rnds have been worked?” Why is 2 times? and i don’t understand ending with 2 rnd lace pattern?

Thanks for answer!!

The first time you do all the rows for the pattern gives you 15 rounds. Do these 15 rounds twice more–you’ll have 45 rounds done.

The rows 14 and 15 give you your lace pattern, which will be the two rows you end with.

Thank u so much Ingrid :happydance: