Knitting help

hi i am new and am very happy to have found this group. I wanted to ask for advice. I have knitted a sweater and it is too short in the body. can i undo it from the bottom, at the ribbing, then pick up the stitches and knit more to the body, then redo the ribbing and then cast off? would this be possible?

Hi Hilary, welcome.

Yes, you can do this. It can be a bit tricky to undo the Cast on, but can be done. Another way is to cut off the CO and first row, then unravel back to before the ribbing and start from there.


Yes, it can be done because I just did it. I added two inches to the body. I put waste yarn in a destination row because I found it easier pick up the right stitches than on the needle. I cut the ribbing and started to pick it out. The mistake I made was not cutting close enough to the destination row so I was picking forever. The next sweater I cut, I put in the destination row and cut two rows below and it was a lot easier. Make sure you have your stitches all on the same row. Once you get to your destination row just put the stitches on your needle.Good luck.

Thank you both SO much. I will give it a try. I appreciate your help.