Knitting help!

My pattern says dec 1 st at each end of 2nd and foll 10th row, then on 2 foll 8th row.I’m so confused on what this means! Please help!

The first part means to dec a stitch of the second row and then dec on the 12th row. Are you sure that thr pattern says “then on 2 foll 8th row” I would interpret it either as the 2nd (14th) and 22nd row or it could mean 2 more dec on the foll 8th rows (20th and 28th row). Could you provide a link to the pattern ?

Thank u for helping, the row I’m struggling with is 14

The pattern wants you to decrease on the 2nd and the 12th row then decrease twicr more every 8th row which would be the 20th and 28th rows. Hope this helps.

Thank you!

You are welcome. I am glad i could help. i know how frustrating it can be to be stuck and you try over and over to figure it out and it just does not make sense.