Knitting HELP reading patterns

after the first 18 rows, the pattern says to increase 1 st at each end of 11th and every following 8th row until a certain amount of sts remains…
would that be row 29, 37, 45 etc?
this is the way i’ve done it but now i’ve run into problems in terms of the remaining stitches…
(the pattern is: k row, k row, k row, p2 tog, m1 until last st, p1
suddenly 90 or so rows in i’ve ended up with an even amount of sts at the p2tog row so that there is no remaining st. to purl…
i’ve double checked my counting & i don’t seem to have made a mistake)

At this point, you could just add a stitch and get back to where you want the stitch count to be, unless you think it’ll mess up the pattern. There’s usually room for fudging. :wink:

hmmm. but is my count right? i have counted every row so i know i was at the correct amount of stitches. if i am decreasing at the correct row then it would seem the pattern is off.
am i decreasing on the right rows? (i.e. after row 18 decrease on following 11th & then every 8th row following - so would that be row 29, 37, 45, 53 etc.?)
i don’t know why this always throws me!


can you give us what your original and destination stitch counts are supposed to be?

You have 18, then you increase on the 11th and 8ths after that, so it would be 29, 37, 45, etc., so that’s correct.

It’s possible that you purled a single stitch rather than p2tog accidentally somewhere along, or missed a M1. There’s probably no definite way to tell unless you tink back until you find a mistake. :shrug:

thanks! i just wanted to make sure i had read the pattern correctly…i think you’re right & i only purled 1 stitch.

for some reason the whole wording of the patterns in that area throws me.

you’re a lifesaver - i wanted to be able to knit through the weekend so now i can continue!

happy new year.