Knitting Help Please

[I am a beginner to the knitting scene. I am attempting to knit a simple scarf Black/White. So I figured I would alternate the black and white every 10 knitted rows. I can’t figure out why every time I change colors the seam shows up on opposite sides I want to have the joining seams on one side only. Please what am I doing wrong:

Hi and welcome to KH!

Usually when changing colors like that you will do a smaller section…if there is to much of a gap they will cut the yarns and then start the new color…which leads to a lot of ends being weaved in.

If both colors are going up both sides, the only thing I can think of is your not changing colors on the same sides? :think:

Are you knitting 10 rows with each color in garter stitch? It’s going to happen like that because the back of a stitch shows on the other side, so when you change colors the one from the row before shows through.

Hi thanks for the reply. I am doing just knitting do i have to turn the work around or something

do i need to turn the work around or something i have been working on this for awhile. I have been doing ten knitted rows and then adding white doing ten rows and then start the black and yes i have alot of strings to many to mention

You’re knitting it flat yes? So you’re knitting on both sides anyway and there is no other way to turn it. That’s just what happens when you knit every row and change colors.

okay is there another stitch to use that will give me joining seams on one side to make a scarf…thank you i thought i was going nutts

Those aren’t called seams; seams are where you sew two pieces together.

You can do stockinette which is knit one row and purl one row then alternate them, and change yarn color on the knit row. However, a scarf in stockinette will curl up unless you do plain knit sts at the beginning and end of every row. You might try k1, p1 ribbing which looks almost like stockinette. If it’s stretched out you do see the color changes, but it usually draws in so much that you don’t see them as much as with knitting every row.

thank you very much for your help