Knitting Help Invades Knaperville, Illinois!

I was SO thrilled to be able to meet 4 MORE KH ladies at Kool Knits in Naperville…I say “meet 4” even though there were 6 of us there, because Hildie and I go WAY back by now…

Suziehomemaker…your little cabled bag looks AWESOME! I hope you will continue to keep us posted on any knitting-related lawsuits.

Julie…I just cant believe how much you resemble our Fearless Leader, Amy! And, GREAT IDEA suggesting the Mongolian Buffet for lunch! YUM!

DotMom (other Julie)…I dont want to hear one more word about you being “the old lady” in the group. You are GAWGEOUS and lovely and warm, to boot!

And, Vick…you little munchkin, you! Those FT clogs WILL shrink down…tell your DH that I PROMISED.

I just LOVE you all! :cheering:

AND, I cant believe how GENEROUS Kool Knits was with their discount! skeins of Denim Silk for 36 bucks! :shock:

Im gonna post my pics ASAP.

:frowning: I did the laundry :frowning:

I’m working on my booga bag…my dh had to go out of town on business; and I’m on bedrest, but I keep sneaking (and I’m alone) to the computer to see what’s going on and ya’ll r out having all of that fun without the rest of us. But…that’s okay, glad u had fun; just pm me for my address for my surprise from the LYS. I guess, ya’ll already got Ing’s address for her surprise, too…right?! I’m really beginning to get excited as I think about that surprise, I bet Ing is, too…right, Ing?!
LOL…I’m for reall :smiley: that ya’ll all got to meet & have fun together…sounds like a blast…I’m on bedrest…Ingrid did laundry…

We’re getting a surprise!!! Oh boy, that makes all my lonely laundry and babysitting worthwhile!!! I hope its something good. I do love cashmere. I’ll wait by the mailbox, now. :happydance:

Here’s your suprise! You get to see us all up close and personal-like!!

First, Friday night at Casa de Kelly…Hildie and Howie fell in love and had a cuddlefest…

Next, Hildie brought every knitting-related thing she owns to my house and spread it ALL OVER my coffee table

Third, post-LYS, we all went to lunch at the Mongolian Buffet…knitting makes us hungry!!

I know the other ladies have pics of us actually KNITTING…

you’re on bed rest and you’re alone… what do you have to sneak for???
this is my husbands day off :frowning: so i get to look at him lounge around in his drawls and do s***! oooo happy day! :rollseyes:

You all look really young! :shock: Which one was it that thought she was the oldin of the group? :??

I am soooooo jealous!! It looks as though you had a GREAT time!!! All of you are beautiful women!! I love having faces with the names now! Only one problem, Kelly is not in any of the pictures…KK, you couldn’t ask your waiter to snap a photo? (I did already know how gorgeous you are though!)

Rebecca…please please please be careful and do what the doctor orders. We don’t want you to get hurt or sick anymore. Besides, I need info on the booga bag…I want to make them for my sisters for Christmas.

I spent my afternoon at the movies (Bad News Bears) with my son, my gf and her kiddos. This eveing my gf and I are off to see a band we used to go see often, Crushing Day. A last “Hurrah” so to speak…

Hildie has the pic that has Kelly in it…I’m sure she’ll post it soon! :smiley:

We had a great time and I am now, at 8:30 p.m., just beginning to feel hungry again. Hee, I love me some Mongolian BBQ! :mrgreen:

:cheering: It was so great to meet you guys!

I’m sooo sad I could not have gone today! :crying: Please, are we doing a meeting in the fall sometime? Was anything decided on that?

We are definately going to do another get together. However we didn’t actually make plans. We wanted to include those other Illinois Gals who couldn’t make it. We are open for suggestions. I know Kelly, thought that Berwyn was actually central for everyone. So Kelly any suggestions?

KK thinks that Berwyn is central to everyone because she lives there, and --duh!-- the world revolves around KK!!! Didn’t you get the bulletin? Galileo was wrong… heliocentrism has been chucked out the door, and Kelliocentrism is the a new astromical law.

I DO have a great picture of us all at lunch, and KK’s favorite new tools: the swift and ball winder. But my DH took the camera for his Kayak expedition today, so I’ll have to post later. But we were all so busy knitting and talking that I forgot to take more than a few pictures! Isn’t it great how knitting makes you instant friends with people???

I loved the mongolian BBQ! I have to admit, I was scared at first, but it was SO good. And now I can take it off of my list of scary things :slight_smile: I can’t wait to take DH there! Yeah right, drive allllll the way into naperville? Just to eat??? Well, I’m sure we can find something esle for him to do while I’m at the yarn store!

I can’t wait to do get together again. And meet more people! KK and I said when we were leaving that it would be cool to get together every other month…or every month, or twice a week, whatever…:slight_smile:

I was beginning to wonder if you were going to mention the swift and ball winder experience. I am very happy to hear that Kelly bought a set to call her very own.

Sheesh, if I had only known you were going to go lunch at Mongolian BBQ then I would have found any number of reasons to stick around :lol:

Hey I know a great place where you can all get together the weekend of December 2-4 <wink wink> :wink:

I agree! It was a fun day. Sorry I had to cut out a little early. I’m paying for it today. My face hurts from smiling so much yesterday and afterwards my DH and I and another couple went through almost 8 bottles of wine.

I’m up for getting together on a regular basis. Let’s try some new places too. I don’t mind driving to hang out with fun people and fellow knitters! (I’ll just not make dinner plans for those nights and definitely stay away from the wine)

I can’t believe I brought my camera and didn’t take one picture!

Hi everybody! We did have a good time, didn’t we? I got home just in time for my “date” last night with DH.

Let’s see … I have a couple of pictures here somewhere, but I need to get in the shower & get to church. I’ll try & post them later. I think there’s one of KK and Hildie, and then one of Vicki & [size=2]the other[/size]Julie (hee hee).

I have to say it was really nice to hang out with a bunch of ladies who actually knew what I was talking about when I would say something like “Booga Bag.” And Dee (Licensed2Cook) @ the LYS was sooo nice to teach me a new way to do the long-tail cast on where I don’t ever run out of tail. Thanks Dee! :waving:

Hmmm … what else did we learn yesterday? Oh! We found out that Julie can eat as much as 10 sailors and still remain as thin as a stick :doh:; Kelly & Hildie can stay up most of the night drinking wine, arrive fashionably late, and still be nice people; Vicki is almost as tall as my 10-year-old and as cute as a button; and Suzie is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet from the East coast! Oh, and I learned that – in theory – I’m old enough to be Suzie’s and Hilde’s Mom! :?eyebrow:

I can’t wait to do this again!! I think we were talking about meeting in Long Grove next time, weren’t we? We haven’t set a date, but maybe sometime the end of Aug or beginning of Sept would be good. Maybe I’ll have my shawl-made-out-of-hair 1/10th of the way done by then.

Oh, and Hilde: Thank you so much for the yummy Fruit Munchies! They’re almost gone! I have to find some more around here somewhere.

Finally, I was so happy to meet all of you, and it was really hard to say goodbye! I can’t wait to meet up again. I reallly think we ought to KIP next time, though. It was just too busy in the restaurant yesterday what with Julie running back up to the grill all those times and all. [size=2]Obligatory Disclaimer: I’m just kidding, really.[/size]

Happy knitting, everyone!!!

Um…I didnt. Hildie is referring to my use of the set at Kool Knits. THAT WAS FUNNNNN! :cheering: That set IS my new friend, though…we have a date for coffee next weekend. :wink:

Carmell…I was joking about the sneaking!!
Thanks, Lisa, you are a sweetheart, I’m being careful, I was up during my allotted time, as I am now…Booga bags are a breeze, we’ll chat.
Ya’ll look like a bunch of happy, crazy knitting’ women…yeah, who’s supposed to be this old person?! I don’t see no ole peoples!!
Now, point out who is who and what not…or did I miss that…I will look again! I’m so happy ya’ll had fun :smiley:
EDIT :doh: I went back to look: I was right, I had not seen your names when I 1st looked at the picture :waving: nice to see you all.

My bad :oops: I wasn’t there when you ladies checked out so I assumed…and you know what they say about that!

I’d Rather Be Knitting in Long Grove is a really nice shop, you should have a great time knitting there.

Looks like you had a great time! I think you guys should take a road trip next time. There are a couple of LYS in Indianapolis and one in Lafayette IN…River Knits. Looks like a great store and Lafayette is only a two hour drive for the chicago people. That way, maybe more people could come (namely, me :slight_smile: )!

ooh, and I just noticed they carry the Jordana Paige knitting bags.

Kemp - I would definitely go to the one in Indie if I could only get tickets for the Nascar race for that same weekend for my DH.

Honestly, it was so much fun it wouldn’t be hard to convince me to drive 2 hours for a knitting get together. I’m looking into the retreat that Dee (License2Cook) suggested more seriously, lessons, food & celebrity tutorials is just an added bonus to the fun knitter conversations.