Knitting health issues?

sorry if this is a stupid question (which I get the feeling it might be), but can knitting damage your hands/wrists? I know some people who developed carpal tunnel due to excessive typing or instrument-playing, and was wondering if the repetitive motions of knitting could be bad as well… :oo:

I haven’t heard that knitting [I]causes[/I] any injuries, but it can exacerbate pain. My husband’s aunt has arthritis in her hands and it hurts her to knit some days.

Yes, it can cause problems, mostly tendonitis, or aggravate existing ones if you’re not careful. Don’t knit for hours at a time, take breaks, stand up and move around, stretch your arms, neck and shoulders, vary the needle size (different projects) or techniques so you’re not making the same movements every time you knit.

My chiropractor told me he has a patient who did permanent damage to her wrists by knitting. But honestly, that guy is always popping off with crazy stuff.

Any repetitive motion you do wears your joints out. My aunt was a horse trainer for about 40 years, and now her thumbs and fingers can’t do buckles very well anymore (almost every piece of horse equipment involves a buckle or three!) She is only in her early 60s and very active.

It is important to stretch and take breaks even if your hands don’t hurt. But do as I say, not as I do! I can never put my needles down!

I have arthritis in my hands and I find keeping them busy helps keep them loose, so I call knitting my “physical therapy.” :slight_smile: I can’t sit and knit for hours and hours, though. I will knit 3 or 4 rows and then just sit with my hands resting. It’s why I do most of my knitting in front of the tv.

I have tendinitis in my right wrist and there are some days when it hurts to knit and I have to put it down. I didn’t get the tendinitis from knitting; I got it as a repetitive motion injury at an old job I used to have, and it flares up from time to time. Add to that, at the same time I got the tendinitis, I also sprained it, too. I have to stretch the muscle sometimes to loosen it up. When the weather is humid, it’s about to storm (rain or snow) or at certain times in the spring or fall, I can’t knit at all. :pout: I have to put it away until the weather settles down.

My left hand has been hurting quite a bit and I’ve not done any knitting for about 2 weeks and it’s feeling MUCH better, thank God! So, I may pick up the sticks tonight since the pain is gone!
Rememeber, take breaks, do hand, finger, arm, shoulder, etc stretches!