Knitting hat in the round vs straight needles

I started knitting a hat in the round and totally misunderstood that I’m supposed to be using straight needles.

Can I keep knitting it in the round? I’d really rather not start over on straight needles :frowning: I feel like knitting a hat is easier in the round and have no idea why the pattern would call for straight needles in the first place!

Here’s the pattern I’m using:

Guess you didn’t read the supplies list? :joy: We all forget sometimes so it’s no big deal. It’s just another method. I don’t like seaming so I always knit hats in the round, too.

If you’ve already started and you’re doing fine then go for it. If you are not into the pattern yet be aware that the pattern was written for you to be knitting on the back as well as the front and you don’t do that when you’re knitting in the round. In the round it’s only the front so you will have to make adjustments so the pattern will come out correctly.

How do I know what adjustments to make?

I have no idea how difficult that would be or if it’s fairly simple…?

Hah whoops!

You’re in luck! Several other people have converted it to “in the round” so they have info. Here’s what I found -

This is the main page with the filter “in the round”. Remove the filter if you want to see all the projects.

This one gives specific info what to do. Love it when people tell you how they altered something!