Knitting half finger gloves on straight needles

Hi all - getting desperate now, have searched google for ages and cant find the answer. I am currently knitting half fingered gloves on straight needles. I have completed the thumb and first finger but am completely stumped at the second finger. Pattern says: with right side facing rejoin yarn and knit up 2 sts from cast on sts at base of first finger. I am totally flumoxed by this. I currently have 15 sts on one needle and 15 on the other with the first finger hanging free in the middle. Any help or links to a video would be greatly appreciated. :knitting:

This video shows the technique for gloves. The order for knitting the fingers is different but the idea is the same.

There’s a video here on KH that shows picking up and knitting sts (knitting up) that may be a bit clearer:

Hi, thanks but I’m knitting on straight needles not dpn’s. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

The same is going to apply. You just have to use the right hand needle to pick up and knit the stitches. I’m not sure what happens next since I’ve only done these on dpns but whether you knit with dpns or straights, you pick up sts the same way.