Knitting Groups

So I started attending a knitting group at a new store in my town, but as mentioned before, I was feeling intimidated. I have been to the group about 4 times and I have now decided that I am not going back. They started making derogatory remarks about Christianity, not knowing that I am a Christian. I felt really upset, but then I thought maybe this could be an opportunity to share my faith. I decided however, that it is not the place for me. I was really only going for the fellowship anyway, and when there is such negativity, it is not really fellowship but rather a gossip session. There are many ladies in my church that have expressed interest in knitting. So I think I am going to start my own knitting group even if I have to teach the ladies how. I have lots of yarn and patience- our first project is going to be a dishcloth! <3


Sorry to hear the knitting group didn’t work out for. Starting your own group with fellow church ladies sounds like a great idea-“as iron sharpens iron”-proverbs 27:17. I pray it goes well!

Fabulous ideas, both to ditch the group that isn’t making you feel good and to begin one of your own. Helping others to learn a new skill or hobby is a great way to spend time, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

You former knitting group sounds wrong on so many levels. I’m surprised a store owner would allow it to continue in such an unfriendly and biased way. My knitting groups avoid all political discussions.

Good idea to start one at your church. You can teach any attendees to knit and perhaps have a side project to make items for a charity once they are comfortable with knitting.


I am so sorry to hear about the knitting group you joined. Leave them to their own negativity and find lovely positive people from your church to hang out with and share your joy of knitting. I know which group I would rather be a member of!