Knitting Gloves - Help!

Hello again fellow knitters!
I’ve just started my first pair of gloves. Read an online knitter who said it’s not as daunting as it seems. Well, that was not exactly applicable to me…
Please can you help me by telling exactly what to do with these instructions (in plain english)? :??
I’ve got to the thumb gusset shaping after working stocking stitch
The pattern gives 3 rows now
1st row is K with 2 increases (K22, puk,K3,puk,K to end)
2nd row P row
3rd row K with 2 increases (K22, puk, K5, puk, K to end)

So far so good:
now it says:
Continue to shape in this way (ok, no problem there…except it goes on to say) working 2 more sts in st st between the increases on every following alternate row until there are 58 sts,
Work 1 row

I can’t work out where the 2 more stitches are to go and are they saying that the 3 row pattern above is the st st or should I be knitting st st in between? What is a “following alternative row”?
And please can someone just send their hands down the computer and show me? :rofling:
Any help appreciated so I don’t have to ditch this project.
thanks again, Jan

By “continuing this way” you automatically increase two where you’re supposed to. The part where it says to increase 2 more is just a result of continuing the increases as you have been. There aren’t two in addition to that.

Every alternate row means every other row, in this case, the odd numbered rows.

INGRID! You are a gem. :cheering: Thanks so much. I’m determined not to quit something because it has temporarily defeated me, but without your help here I would have been biting my nails. Didn’t know 'til now how pleasant the folk from Pleasant Valley are! I’m sure to be back again re: this pattern so don’t be surprised if it’s sooner rather than later. :XX:

Thanks again, and talk to you soon,