Knitting gift


My friend is new at knitting and she’s really starting to love it. I wanted to get her a birthday gift and I was thinking of something related to knitting. Can you guys suggest a nice knitting gift? Perhaps a knitting book or knitting accessories?

Your suggestions are appreciated, thank you! :slight_smile:

Needle organizers are nice! Someone gave me one when I first started, helps keep my needles in one place!

Do you know what she has already? There are just so many choices!

A nice knitting bag for carrying her knitting places
Accessories like stitch markers, tape measure, needle gauge, point protectors, small scissors…
A good book like Vogue Knitting for those times you need help

How about a little kit for her? Since she is new you could do a scarf kit, even a sock kit depending on what she would like to try or just a knitting kit…also etsy has the best items for gifts…:thumbsup:

My mom learned earlier this year and so for Mother’s Day I made her a bag and put together everything she would need for socks…I found on etsy these cute stitch markers that had the steps for grafting the toe…and another shop that makes cute little cat stitch markers…had some dpns in there and dpn holders… tape measure…yarn… she loved it…

The knitting accessory kit from Mary Maxim is such a good idea. It has all the accessories a knitter could need in one small flat case so it fits in any knitting bag. I posted pictures of it in November but can`t find the pictures now. The kit is only $10 and has a lot of good things in it.

One of Silver’s On the town bags would have been nice x

what about getting her a voucher for a craftshop then she can choose her own

The.Knitter: Is thisthe one you mean?