Knitting Gift


I’m trying to come up with a good birthday gift for my friend that is a knitter. I was thinking about a gift card to the LYS, but i want to do something a little more personal. Any ideas for a knitting-related gift? She’s been knitting for about a year.


Maybe a knitting bag, or some nice stich markers, a pair of fancy needles, a needle case, things like that?

What does she like to knit? Maybe a new pattern, then the gift certificate so she can pick out what she needs to do the project? I love making bags and socks, so if someone gave me a new pattern for a bag that I’ve never made and a gift certificate so I could pick out the yarn I liked.

A GC to my LYS is always a fantastic gift, and personal in the fact that it’s a gift only for me as a knitter. You really can’t go wrong with it.

However, for a specific gift, I gave a knitter friend a pair of handmade glass knitting needles. They were beautiful, although probably not best for actual knitting. :wink:

actually, depending on what you want to spend, going to the LYS and getting a nice but inexpensive yarn and maybe a set of needles with the gift card would be good. that way you have a package to WRAP and a card to put in it too. AND if you get her a yarn that you know she will use fairly soon, you could also wrap the yarn in a ball around the gift certificate so it is a nice little gift that she will find later, and something for you to giggle about a bit while you wait for her to find it.

of course i am a terrible gift giver and would NEVER be able to wait for her to use up the yarn so ya might wanna buy a smaller skein…lol

thanks everyone. those ideas help a lot

I totally agree with Silver, for me, it would be the gift cert.; Depending upon the $ amt., a nice medium size tote for knitting with a gift cert would be perfect for me…lol!
Seriously, a knitting book would be wonderful; or a cool pattern of something that you know that she likes to knit with the yarn for the pattern.
Knitting tote with various accessories; find out if she ‘needs or wants’ any certain needles (certain sizes of dpns or circs) and drop those in the bag.
Of course…yarn…we all love yarn!!
The cd rom from this website…EXCELLENT GIFT; a good friend gave me one…hugs to you, you know who u are :wink: .
If she hasn’t started organizing her patterns, etc; a nice 3 ring binder and a box of paper protectors and subject dividers.
Electronic row counter (love mine!!)
Out of all these things that I have listed; (other than the gift cert. of which some people don’t like to give, my daughter refuses to give gift cert., she say’s it’s not very personal!) I would have to say a nice knitting book would be my #1 answer. The Knitters Bible is excellent; I just got it a couple of months ago and I have been knitting for a year…wish I’d had it the entire time…love it! The list of books are just endless!
Have fun shopping :smiley:

How about a basket full of things you know she likes (smelly bath things? Yummy chocolate? etc) amd then put the gift cert for yarn in there?

"At Knit’s End Meditations for Women who KNIT too Much "
by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

"You know you knit too much when:
You put your computer keyboard on the floor while reading your daily e-mails so you can hit the spacebar with your toe to scroll through them while knitting. "

This book would be a great little something to go with a gift card … a friend gave me one and I couldn’t put it down until I read every page … some are very funny … and all SO TRUE!