Knitting Get-together

[SIZE=2]An LYS, that is about 15 minutes driving time from us, has Thursday night get-togethers. Emily(rainberry) wanted to go, so tonight we went, for the first time. They were all so nice and it was fun asking everyone else what they were working on! I want to get started on my socks, but I need to do a swatch first and just didn’t feel like doing that tonight. So, I just took along some cotton and worked on a Grandma’s Favorite (and easiest) dishcloth. Nothing fancy, but it also meant I didn’t have to concentrate on every stitch either. I haven’t made one in a while, and I’m realizing now how faded and worn my older ones are! LOL! :thumbsup:

Emily was working on Fetching Fingerless Mitts.

We finally got to a different yarn store and got her some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, to make these, yesterday. Actually, she paid for it, out of her own money.

One lady was fringing a pretty afghan made out of Manos del Uruguay yarn.It was 3 squares wide and 4 squares long ( I think). Each 12" square was a different color and a different pattern! It was gorgeous! It looked big enough to cover me up, if I was laying on the couch! LOL! Don’t think I didn’t think about that!

One gal was almost done with a sock. She was almost to the point of decreasing for the toes!

Oh yeah, there were also treats! The local strawberry farm has started harvesting berries, so 2 people brought strawberry shortcake! Yuuuummmyyy! :heart:

We have to buy some strawberries tomorrow. The same farm brings Berries to Sheboygan, so we don’t have to go far to get them!