Knitting gauge

I’m curious on how to read this? Like how do I know how man stitches to do for each square?

This pattern is in multiples of four, as is your cast in (84). You begin the pattern in row 8. It reads from right to left to right, which us the direction you’d be knitting. The first four stitches are one stitch white, three stitches red (or whatever contrasting colors you are using). Then repeat the stitches for each four stitches all the way across. Repeat the new pattern each row from right to left, since this is knit in the round. If it were knit on straight needles, rows 10,12 etc would be worked in purl stitch (you’re doing stockinette stitch here) from left to right. The chart is done in a small section here to save space. Remember this is all in multiples of four.