Knitting front & back at the same time joining them with a really long circular needle

I want a knit an old fashioned Noro pattern. The front and the back are the same up to about half way up the armhole. Is there any reason I could not join the front & back together and knit them in the round? Anybody try this and have pros and/or cons?
I DO hate seaming!

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Yes, you can do that. You might think about the extra sts on each end of front and back which are in the pattern to account for seaming or it may not make enough difference to the size to worry about. Seams do add stability to a garment and help prevent biasing but that may also depend on how drapey your yarn is.

Thanks! I hadn’t thought of the stability idea…

Noro can bias if knitted in plain stockinette in the round. (In fact the stitches can spiral around the tube.) Having a front and a back can reduce the scope for this to happen. Using a stitch pattern that includes some purls can help too.

When you knit your tension square, you can see whether your Noro has this tendency in the stitch pattern you are going to use. If it looks like a parallellogram rather than a square after blocking, that is biasing.

Biasing isn’t necessarily a problem. You can ignore it! It’s just something to consider when changing a garment from seamed to in the round.

Which pattern were you thinking of making?