Knitting from the top

I am making a (seamless set-in sleeve) sweater based on Barbara G. Walker’s book, Knitting From The Top. I am first making a sleeveless vest then plan to add a sleeve by picking up stitches around the edge of the armhole. I am at the point where I will add extra stitches under the arm then join the front and back into one row. I have to add extra stitches for the width of the side/underarm area but I do not want these extra stitches in the armhole making it too large. My first attempt at this yielded a large puffy sleeve opening because of too many stitches in the armhole. I want a smooth slim armhole and sleeve but don’t know how to achieve this! Thanks in advance for your expertise!

What measurements do you use as a guide? I find measuring the depth of a shirt I own that has the kind of fit I want for my project is the most accurate.

When I get just above the point where I want the sides to join I do a few increase rows (every other row) usually only 2 (increasing only 4 stitches on each side), then I use a backward loop cast on to add the rest of the stitches all at once. The more increase rows you do before you cast on, the deeper the armhole will be so don’t do too many. The backward loop stitches are going to seem lose, but once you start knitting down they even out and you can fix it when you cast on for your armholes.

Hope this helps.

ETA also I use my high bust measurement rather than my full bust. I don’t think it matters much for people with an a or b cup size, but if you are bigger than a c you will get a better fit if you use your high bust measurement and then add short rows for your full bust.

So, maybe I just had too many rows down the front and back before I joined at the sides with the cast on stitches. I only did two increase rows of two added stitches each before the cast ons so it must be that I was already too deep on the front and back pieces. It is so hard for me to judge size until it’s already knit up! I suppose trial and error is the only way to learn but I despise frogging like everyone else! Thanks so much for the advice!
Lynn Marie

That might be it. I usually start my increases about 1/2" short of what I want my full depth to be.