Knitting from Graph, Stranding Method

Hi, I’m new to posting, but I’ve lurked the board for a while! I learned to knit from Amy’s videos and I am SOO thankful that she gave her time to make these videos. They have been great.
I am now working on a skirted soaker for my baby girl to be and I want to add some pattern to it. I have a couple graphs that I’m looking at using that are small (6-8 rows tall and 4-5 sts long) and meant for a different pattern. I’m wanting to translate this to my skirt pattern and they are good for stranding method, which I’ve figured out how to do already.
I was thinking in order to make the graph work, I would need to take how many sts I have in my pattern and figure out how many times to repeat my graph. Then I would figure out how many sts to add between each repeat to make it fit perfectly around (I’m knitting the skirt in the round) Sorry I don’t have any pics. I hope this makes sense. I would appreciate any help. Thanks!

You’re figuring it exactly right!

Kool, I was up forever thinking of how to make it fit! I hope it comes out nice!! I’ll post once I finish.