Knitting from cable needle seems really tight

I’m still working on these gloves for my wife. Messed up again last night and just about lost it. I think I need to just stop and take a moment to really prefect my cable knitting. As it is, if you remember a previous question about continental knitting I made, my knitting is a bit more uniform in continental and I feel like I’m doing really well with it and it’s adapted fairly well knitting in the round. Unfortunately, I still have the dreaded “loose last stitch” which I was hoping would be corrected in continental. All in all, I feel as though my knitting has improved by picking up a new technique.

Anywho, the cables. It seems as I’m knitting/purling off the cable needle that I have -very- limited space between the tips of my needles. I can’t bring them as far apart as when I’m knitting regularly, but this seems extreme. I’m almost knitting off the very tips of the needles when I’m working off of a cable needle. In fact, I’m fighting with the stitches which, as I’ve been told, means I’m doing it wrong. Has anyone run across this problem before? In the videos on this site, it seems like the stitches are easy to pick up and knit, but in my work, it’s tooth and nail!

In part, it may be because of the stitches crossing over, that tends to tighten them up. Or you might try knitting a little looser on the previous row.