Knitting from both ends of the skein

Is there a way to wind the ball so that you can knit from both ends of the skein without it hopping away from you (as would happen if you made a center-pull and just knit from the “inside” yarn and the “outside” yarn at the same time)?

Hold both ends and wind a center ball as normal.

It’s easier to knit from both ends of a center-pull ball that is wound on a ball winder because the ball then has a flat top & bottom, IMHO.

I’ve knit from both ends of a hand-wound center pull ball, and a regular old skein (are they wound by machine? hmmm) Anyhoo…I’ve never had any issues with the skein/ball jumping around. I’d envisioned it being kinda cumbersomebut it wasn’t at all. :smiley:

I’m going to have to do this real soon, like today, on a clog.

Me too! That’s exactly why I asked…

I just tried it out last week on a skein from the store which I did not wind and it worked just fine.