Knitting from a pattern with different weight yarn

Hi! I want to knit a blanket with Cascade Pacific Yarn (I tried searching and found a site that said this particular yarn is worsted weight). I had originally bought the yarn for another pattern, but wont have time to finish it in time for the babys arrival. I found a pattern for a basket weave baby blanket featuring heart motifs and a seed stitch border. The pattern calls for Sport weight yarn and US 4/3.5mm needles, or size needed for gauge. My yarn is, again I think, worsted weight and I have size 7-8" needles. How will this affect the pattern? Specifically the heart motifs and size? Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!!:slight_smile:

You’ll need to use less stitches. Figure out how many sts per inch you get with the Pacific yarn and the size 8s. Then multiply that by the width you want the blanket to get a rough idea how many sts you’ll need. On the pattern, figure out how many repeated sts the heart motif pattern takes and subtract that multiple from the number of sts to cast on. Say it needs 8 sts - subtract sts in multiples of 8 until you’re close to the number of sts you estimated you need for the width on the bigger needles. If you have a link to the pattern or can post a few rows of the sts pattern we can also help you figure it out.

Or you can follow the pattern and just end up with a bigger blanket. It should all be in proportion, though; just bigger all around.

Thank you so much!! Ok, I will post some of the pattern tomorrow! I guess I am worried that the hearts are going to look more like blobs or circles rather than hearts because the yarn and needle sizes are different! Stand by… :slight_smile:

Since you need to knit a swatch anyway, why not knit one with the heart motif? That way you can see what it looks like with your needles and yarn.

It doesn’t matter what size yarn and needles you use, the knit patterns still look the same. I’ve knit shawls that were originally done in laceweight yarn with bulky and really big needles and the stitch pattern still shows - it’s just bigger.

Everyone is so helpful!! Thank you all SO much! I am going to knit one of the swatches with the heart to see how it turns out. Fingers crossed!!!