Knitting from a graph - adding new color

It’s me again. I’ve looked online for help in this area and didn’t succeed.
I’m glad we have this forum for help.
I’m knitting in a graph pattern and don’t quite know how to add the new color. The foundation row is MC purled on WS. Row 1 starts with MC and adds 3 stitches or so of CC in a pattern throughout graph. How do I start the new color. I assum I add it in the right place on separate needle K thos few stitches drop the needle and continue on with MC until next row. Then, again pick up those stitches I left behind the next row when needed. How do I start that color?

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Two needles are all you need.

Take a look at this video for stranded knitting and this for intarsia.

It sounds like your pattern is stranded.

Ingrid your a doll you saved me the last time I had a question. Thanks again. I watched the video on intarsia the other one didn’t work. I was correct in my assumption on the work but still don’t know how to add a color after the initial foundation row of just one color. They started the video with the pattern already in the foundation rol and didn’t add one.

If the color starts at the beginning of the row, then you just start it as you would a new ball–just start knitting with it and weave in the ends later.

To attach a new color in the middle of a row, I like to trap the new color a couple of stitches before knitting with it so it’s secured. Here is a thread where it was discussed and I posted some pictures. Hope this helps.

If you want to check out the stranded knitting video, you should be able to see it by clicking on the advanced techniques tabs.