Knitting from a Chart

I am trying to make a chemo cap for a dear friend. I found a nice pattern at - special print issue, page 4. (if you want to see the graph just write in your search engine box special print issue chemo cap)

Obviously I am knitting in the round. I cast on 128 stitches and the first 9 rows are k,p so that’s easy(there are 16 boxes on the graph) . When I get to the 10th row there are 18 boxes. The chart indicates that I Make One twice (because there are only 18 boxes on the chart). The Make One symbols show up in the 5th and 14th box. Am I to understand that I should repeat that M1 every 5th and 14th stitch until I come to the end of the “row”? If that IS the case I think I can work my way thru the rest of the graph/pattern.


it says - with the exception of rounds 82 and 83, the chart is repeated 8 times in each round.

So you complete the chart pattern, then start from the beginning of the chart again and work through the instructions for each stitch, and you do this each time till you have worked 8 repeats, or gotten to the end of round (should be both if all works out right :teehee: )

Am I to understand that I should repeat that M1 every 5th and 14th stitch until I come to the end of the “row”?

If you M1 every 5th stitch you would be doing a M1 on stitch 10 instead of the purl it asks for as the 10th stitch… do you follow?

Ah, you’re doing Shedir! Fun hat.

If you are new to charts, remember to read right to left.

Do NOT M1 every 5th stitch. Do it on the 5th stitch, the 14th stitch, continue until you come to the end of the pattern repeat. Then repeat from right to left again until you come back to the start.

This is a neat hat to do. I am about halfway done. What yarn are you using? I am using KP Andean Treasure.

Actually it’s the Shedir Chemo Cap that I’m making. The instructions for M1 indicate that I should make it (purlwise) in the “bar” between the two stitches. I assumed from that info that I should k,p,k,p M1 in the bar between the last P and the next K stitch.

Am I confused on this??? Sometimes the instructions are so confusing.


Sorry… I forgot to answer your question…I’m using Rowan Calmer yarn

You are right, that is how you would do the increase, but earlier you asked if you would do it every 5th and 14th stitch, which wouldn’t be correct… you only do the M1 on the 5th and 14th stitch of each repeat, as there are 8 repeats you should be increasing by 16 stitches.

the repeat reads like this just in case:


Once you have completed this sequence, you start again and this would be done 8 times in total. Are we missing your point?


Forgot you are on circs, you are reading your pattern row backwards if you start with a knit. You should be starting with a purl so the repeat is actually


Sorry :doh:

I am certainly spending a lot of time confused!! I am working on circulars and the pattern tells you to do so, I am reading the chart from right to left and it begins with a knit. What should I be doing differently?

(The pattern chart can be viewed by inserting special print issue chemo cap pattern in your search engine.)

I am knitting the Shedir chemo cap. “Fun hat!” was what i said above.

That row DOES start with a purl. If I remember correctly all of them do. I don’t have time to look right now.

  • is purl and | is knit.

Right you are!! No wonder I’m having such a hard time reading directions…I’m not paying attention.

Thanks for sticking with me on this one!!

No problem! I only caught it because I did the same thing. For some reason it is hard for me to remember to start a row on a purl. I frequently discover I have knit the first stitch partway into the row and have to take it out! :oops: