Knitting Freestyle?

Anyone else knitting with out a pattern?

I guess I have grown tired of looking for a new “blank” pattern and just finding the same old same old patterns.

I just need a lesson is recording or writing my new pattern.

I knit a lot of hats with no pattern. I think I probably could knit a sweater, but just don’t want to bother. I tend to change things when I do… like a technique or maybe a stitch.

I pretty much don’t use patterns unless it’s something special. Cable book, math a top down raglan to fit and go.

For me I can knit socks without much of a pattern at this point, I have the basic construction as mental math at this point, same thing with scarfs. I may try a new stitch here or there but I don’t really need a pattern for either.

:sweat_smile: Good to know I’m not just a slacker.

Now to finish my soon to be “decade” socks…
( Maybe, I spoke to soon?) :blush: