Knitting for your Furbaby

It’s so much fun to be home this week catching up on everyone and their knitting!

I posted before that I have a new Yorkie-Lucy. I finally sat down today and started searching for small dog knitting patterns and found two books to start with. I’ve no doubt I’m going to have to modify them since she is 2 lbs. 10 oz and not much likely to grow any bigger but :woot:I can fill both passions at once for a while! I love the sweater on the cover of the book with the Yorkie…

Does anyone else knit for their pups? I’d love to see!:cheering::cheering:

Ack! I know I cut the pictures down but they came out so big?

Awww I love Yorkies! Can we see a picture?:flirt:

Pictures are resized automatically now so no worries.

I don’t have a dog, but I’ve made the Feline Dim sum (eggroll and wonton) from for my mom’s cats. My cat won’t bother with toys and she gets mad when I knit and she wants my attention. My multitasking doesn’t suit her. :lol:

You don’t need to ask me twice Jan :happydance:

Here’s Lucy. These were taken over the past couple of weeks… She is going surfing in Mexico with us for 10 days starting Saturday :slight_smile:

I knit a sweater for my Pug a couple of years ago and she won’t even wear it…I don’t even try anymore!:roll: My Pom is too fuzzy for “clothes” and it would take forever to knit a sweater for my Grey!!

Aawwwwwwwww! I love to knit for MY furballs. See my dog sweaters on KH post or my blog. Check out posting #17 on the KH post to see where I got the easy pattern.

I just bought Posh Pooches from Barnes and Noble and I can’t wait to knit one for my furbabies!!! Still a newbie and I need to learn a few more stitches before I start. It was only $10 so I couldn’t resist!!!

I love the sweaters you made! I especially like the red verigated one. Was it hard?

Kathy, she is precious! :inlove: I must get a photo of our friends’ Yorkie, Ian, to share with you. edit: His mouth looks exactly like Lucy’s.

I’ve never knitted for any of my dogs. Gotta fix that soon because The Mo is approaching old age.

Hi, no, it was rated easy and is not in the round (there are others advanced, but this was my first knitting project that was NOT a scarf, so I went with the easy one). The yarn is just some Red Heart from Walmart. I ran out of yarn about an inch into the neck area, so I went with a coordinating red color which turned out really well.

What a cutie, and my namesake too (Lucy’s my real name)

Yorkies are SO adorable. A rescue I work with has a 3-mo. old puppy up for adoption, it’s a puppymill Lhasa Apso rescue but the stupid puppymill owner took him to be euthanized at 8 weeks because his left ear is smaller than his right one!!! Here’s my KH post about it.

They named him Lefty for the smaller left ear. I’ve met him he’s the most adorable thing in the world!

Oops, pic didn’t show up:

Did you notice it comes with a cute pair of wooden knitting needles with little dogs at the ends?

yes, and I hope to knit with them very soon!!!

AWWWWWWWWWW Lucy is a doll baby!!!

I knit for my maltese (see avatar), Ty. I’ll have to see if I can dig some pics out.

Here are a couple of sweaters I’ve made for my guy:heart:

Awwwww! All these doggies are adorable! Lucy is precious, Kathy!

Here’s a cute one… :teehee:

Jan, that’s the pattern for the sweater in my first picture.
DH thought it looked too “girlie” so I sent it to a friend:teehee:

:cheering::muah:<very loud squeal>…Love that 2nd picture of your baby!!! How absolutely A-DO-RA-BLE!!!