Knitting for warm climates

Ok…I love knitting. I’m still a newbie, and my “stash” will probably never exceed more than what’s necessary for a project, but I love knitting.

My mother, who knits at an intermediate level but prefers crochet, lives in the Caribbean. You know, that evil place where it’s always sunny and warm? Yeah. I get mad at her too sometimes. Anyway, what is there that I can knit her that she can’t simply do herself? Sweaters wouldn’t work, or afghans, since it’s usually too warm to wear long sleeves and even the “winter” months are too warm for blankets. What can I knit for my mom that she could actually use? Same thing goes for my little brother, who is almost 11 and lives there too.

You have a couple of options. Felted items, like slippers and bags are great. Even in warm climates (I live in the desert) there are an occaisional rainy or cool night where slippers are nice.

Or, you could go with (for your mom) a sweater that is a lightweight (cotton blend) lacy type sweater. Something pretty that can be worn in warm times too!

Check out Knitty for some ideas. There is also this site for free patterns.

I made my granddaughter a lightweight tanktop using a light weight organic cotton. It’s really light and airy.

Cascade makes a very soft cotton/tencel that is a little thicker (DK weight I think) but would still be nice and airy if done on larger needles with a lacy pattern.

If you find a great deal on clearance ( has some right now) how about a top from silk?

Swimsuit coverup in a nice lacy cotton or rayon?

Mama Bear

you could still make a beach or picnic blanket, just for sitting and lying on?

(that is what I tell myself when I’m knitting for the babies in OK…)

i love this bamboo knit basket:

but like was said above, has a lot of patterns - and a lot of summery ones at that.

How about a pretty lace headband?

Light-weight socks?

ribbon yarn is fun too.
I made a tank top out of that.

Famous last words!

Yes, a patterned headband in a lovely-coloured wool would be nice. If she likes jewellery, you could knit wire with beads to custom-make a necklace, or just with thin cotton (see knitty for a few nice ones).


Wow. All of a sudden, I have the urge to fill my room with yarn and knit every suggestion. Thanks a ton! :muah:

I think my mom might get sick of all the things I’m planning on making for her. And some of these ideas I can use to make my Gran nice things too. :slight_smile:

And jamiejeans, I did say “probably.” I know how addicted you guys are, I want my escape clause in place for when I do have a stash!

It’s simple, but you can use cotton and knit a bath mitt or dishcloths. I have even knit placemats and felted potholders.

I am making my mother a prayer shawl.

It is a very light weight and is very practical to wear over a light t shirt or sun dress.

Pattern is simple…

US 11 or 8 mm
Any worsted weight yarn ( what ever you would think would be light)

CO 60 sts
Row1 knit
ROw 2 knit
Row3 k1, yo 2
Row 4 *k1, drop yo sts * repeat till end

Repeat 1 though 4 36 times or until desired length.

You can add tassles or no.

This pattern is very open and airy. Might work for you.

Is there such a thing as [color=blue]rayon[/color] yarn for hand-knitting?

Cotton things would probably be ok, especially things like vests that can hang open rather than swaddling the body and trapping heat.

I made my mom a lace scarf this past Christmas…it’s more of an accessory than anything that will keep her warm. It’s laceweight so it’s not heavy at all. I also knit dishcloths for other relatives & I also agree that socks are a good option, especially if she’s one of those people whose feet are always cold, not matter where they live.

You could make this funky bathroom set that was on Knitty Gritty. Here’s the pattern:,2025,DIY_14141_4969650,00.html

maybe she would like a lightweight cardigen for those occasional cool nights

My mom used to make me sleeveless tops out of cotton blends on her knitting machine. I really loved them.

Soap wraps
Back scrubers
Sun hat:
Hand bags/purses.