Knitting for troops question


knitting a hat for someone in the military, it is not for them to be used while on duty, per se, but with them having that really closely cropped hair, do you make them the typical size for a man’s head or go down a bit for snug fit?


I think I’d make it a little small, but in a stretchy rib so it can expand comfortably or contract if need be.

my mom has been knitting wool beanies/ caps for a military charity effort (at least 12 so far) and she has made them in stockinette with a deep rib edge. that way, they don’t have to be fit exactly, and they stretch.

she’s been using wool that is usually sock yarn on small needles and they turn out soo soft and warm, but breathable.

if you want, I can ask if she’s using a specific pattern for them.