Knitting for the troops

My knitting group that meets every week is ready to take on a new project, and I suggested that we knit something for the soldiers. Does anyone have a link, or any suggestions? I’ve heard that helmet liners might be useful. Anything you can share would be much appreciated.


Hi Jan!

There’s actually a thread under the Charity Knitting section. You can find it here

Thanks so much, Melanie. Guess I never noticed the charity
section before! Appreciate it~


When I made one, which you can see HERE, I got the pattern free from Patternworks with purchase of the particular yarn which could be used for them. Then I sent the finished one back to them and they sent them all on to the organization which distributes them to the troops.


Your helmet liner looks great, and the color looks like it would work for over there too! Thanks, Mary Grace :thumbsup:


I make hats and scarves every year for the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, believe it or not, it gets pretty cold over there. Send them in Sept/Oct so they are sent by Xmas. Go to for the address and info. It’s a big site, but worth muddling through it.

Catlvr, thanks for the link. The mailing address will come in handy.
I think it’s great that you take the time to make them.

Thanks again,

Another idea is knitting slippers - there is an organization called Operation Toasty Toes - they have some websites, just google toasty toes. These are easy garter stitch slippers. I have made many of them, also for myself and just about everyone I know. Good bed slippers on cold nights.
I just made one of the helmet liners and it turned out pretty well. They prefer all wool for those and Patons Classic Merino Wool is a good choice as it is very soft.

I made a helmet liner for one of the charity knitting events at my local knit shoppe. Turned out well. The helmet liners are a quick project, at least once you get past all the ribbing. An easy pattern to follow.

Thanks, Borealowl! I googled toasty toes, and here is the link for
anyone who is interested:

Lots of patterns. I had never heard of them before. Thanks for taking the time to let me know.


Abby, thanks for sharing about your project. Easy and quick sounds good to me! Very cool that you made one.