Knitting for the future? *DILEMMA*

I am fighting myself on something.

I have a lovely chest (box, not boobs!)and keep feeling the desire to make it into a Hope Chest. I want to knit baby things and heirloom afghans and lace for a future home. The problem is, I am not likely to have children nor a husband. I don’t want to go into a lengthy explanation of why I feel that way, but just suffice it to say that it is so.

So here is the dilemma. Do I waste yarn and time on objects that may never see the light of day?

Or do I stifle the urge to knit for things I don’t have and keep knitting things for others or menial things for myself?

The one that really kills me is the baby kimono. I REALLY want to knit that one, but have no one to give it to. Still… every time I am at the LYS I caress all the baby yarns and resist the urge to knit one up. Advice?

Why not knit the Kimono (or other items) and donate it to a charity?


This is just from me - someone who will probably never have children of my own either - I say you should knit what you want. If you are drawn to baby yarns and the baby kimono, then knit it. If you don’t know anyone to give it to, you can always take all your goodies to a local hospital or orphanage and give it to babies or children that have no one else. There are tons of people out there who have no one in their lives and would appreciate something homemade from someone. Spread the knitting love! :muah:

Plus - you never know where life will lead you - who will come in your life that may touch you and you want to give a gift that will touch their heart.
Knit away!

I agree with the previous poster. Knit what you want.

I like to knit things and donate them. Three places that are always looking for donations for kids:

You’re local homeless shelter.

You’re local Battered Women’s agencys.

And the police station. When they pull kids out of homes (neglect, drug, domestic violence situations), they always would love to give the children something cuddly, homemade, etc. The kids have something warm to clutch, and they aren’t as scared. If they pull a kid out with a mom, the parent is always grateful to have something warm and comforting for their child.

I think that knitting them and giving them away is a wonderful, thoughtful idea. Not only that but I’m terribly superstitious about some things - And one of them is that it’s bad luck to knit things for children you don’t have yet. You may not be as silly as me, but I still think that donating them so that they get loved and used is still a wonderful idea.

First, I’ve just gotta say… :roflhard:! That was too priceless. :teehee:

Chel, I did the same thing when I got an antique chest. I’ve still got several “maybe someday” baby items in it. I enjoyed those knits a lot! I say go for it. And if you ever change your mind about keeping them, give them to someone when the time feels right. No rush!

…and if I ever do decide to have a baby, I KNOW I’m going to spend the entire pregnancy knitting for the little bean, so I refuse to even hear about any superstition to the contrary. :yadda: …Man, I hate superstitions! 'scuze me while I take my leave before that one enters my psyche… :out: