Knitting for small boys

I mentioned this a little while ago but it is slowely becomng a reality.

My Brother and his partner will shortly be adopting two boys aged 4 and 8 (although one of them has had a birthday recently so that could be a 5 or a 9). They have finally got through all the aproval stages and the beauracracy and will be having visits with the boys next week and after several weeks of that the boys will be moving to their house.:woohoo:

I want to give them a little gift when they arive and i thought a scarf in their favourite colours would be nice, especially as it will be getting on for November then. I also don’t want to give them top mch since Christmas will be just around the corner.

Is there anything i should definately do for small boys scarves? how long should they be? is there something which should be avoided at all costs so as not to cause mortal embaresment at their new school etc etc (im particularly concerned about the 8/9 yr old on that score, is he at the age when he or others start to care about possesions etc).

So people with small male creatures in your family, please advise on the best way forward! I want op be a good Aunty Sophie! :knitting::teehee:

I have a young boy, age 7 - 8 in November. I made him a scarf in his favorite color (blue) and he does love it. He hasn’t worn it yet as it hasn’t been cold enough yet. It is 41 inches long and then the fringe is added. It could be a little longer, but ds kept asking when I would be done and I wanted to finish. I would suggest something with nice “normal” colors, nothing too out of the ordinary. They will love it! My scarf was very simple, but I am a very new knitter, so simple is what I am about right now.

Congrats to your brother and his partner. And enjoy your nephews!

Congratulations, Aunt Sophie!

A “welcome” scarf is a lovely idea. Simple is good, fringe is good, colorful (but not loud) is good. How about their initials in block letters so they’ll KNOW the scarves are theirs?

IMHO, the one thing to avoid in in knitting for young boys is anything unique or fashionable – anything that stands out too much. It’s depressing, but most kids like to fit in, and they’ll probably be most comfortable in stuff that looks as though it came from the mall. Check what the kids at their school are wearing, and conform.

It will be more fun in a couple of years, when they develop some taste. I stopped knitting for my two step-granddaughters when I realized that all they wanted was pink-and-purple fun fur. Now that they’re 5 and 7, they’ve got more interesting ideas about what they want to wear. I’ve got request for a red ballet sweater, long striped stockings like Pippi’s, and puppet mittens.

I have a 5 year old boy as well, congrats on becoming an Aunt!!! It’s really the best job!!!

I knit a tube scarf for Sam last year. That way there isn’t any extra bulk in front or back and no annoying knot in front or back. He loved it. You could make it with cool buttons or without so it just pulls over their head.

Good luck!!!


I would go to a popular kids’ store, like Gap Kids, and check out the colours and styles. In my neck of the woods, rugby styles and colours seem to be the IN thing. The burgundy/gold thick stripes is the one the stands out the most (think of Harry Potter as well). I think there is also a green/blue combo that looks really good and may be appealing to the boys.

Note: There is a pattern out there for a version of the Harry Potter scarf, but it’s fat, long and knit in the round (ie. doubled) but I’m not sure if that’s the style. I just see the colours a lot.

Here’s the link for their boys’ scarves:

Scarves work well - length depends on the height of the boy, though. I’ve made pretty basic scarves. The colors of their favorite sports team (particularly a winter sport) are also a good choice.

I started a tradition of making christmas stockings for each niece and nephew. When my sister married and we added 2 step-nephews to the bunch, I made them each a stocking, as my welcome to the family gift. Since it was something which had been done for each of the other kids, the symbolism was not missed.

I think the older of the two is a big football fan and supports Swansea (bah!) so maybe a stripey scarf in their colours.

A few of you have mentioned fringes, i wasn’t sure about that but it seems like a go! Am i right in thinking that a scarf that is about as long as they are tall would be a good length. is that right?

Make sure that there is nothing that can get tangled in a bike chain. To that end I’m thinking no on the fringe.

For young boys I’d think stripes in the colors they love, either the entire thing or on the ends only would be a good way to go till you get to know them. Maybe a matching hat, too. :thumbsup:

I’d say No to the fringe as well. I’m not seeing it on any scarves right now.