Knitting for people allergic to cats?

So I have a cat…and he’s been rubbing up all over me while I’ve been knitting. I sent my cousin some knits and I just remembered…she’s ALLERGIC TO CATS DDDD:

Will my cat rubbing all over it affect her?At one point my cat even sat on top of one knit and fell asleep! Should I be asking her to wash everything before she wears it?

I always wash everything before I gift it. Just to make sure it’s blocked if necessary, all the body oils from my working on it are washed out, and all the ends stayed tucked in nicely.

Insures it smells fresh and feels as soft as possible, too. :slight_smile:

I imagine it has to do with how allergic she is. I know that my cousin is extremely allergic to ferrets. I have two ferrets and she can’t even hug me if I’ve touched the ferrets lately.

Just to be safe I’d suggest she wash it first. Once the saliva and dander is washed out she should be fine.

I always wash before sending, too.

Also another thing to look for is when you’re knitting, be careful not to knit the cat hair into anything. I’m allergic to cats and I sometimes knit around them and that’s one of my biggest problems.

I have made items for a friend who is very allergic to cats. I kept the project in a plastic bag as much as I could while I was working on it, and I did not block it at my house as that was a sure invitation for a cat to sit on it. It’s hard to keep the projects completely cat-free, but she seemed to like it.