Knitting for opinionated toddlers

I need some help with this… when I started knitting I gravitated towards doing things for my girls, for many reasons. I recently finished a Monica for my older daughter - it’s her style, she knew I was knitting it for her, she was excited about it. I finished it, tried it on her to take a few pics, and she promptly asked to remove it. She hasn’t cared about it since.

I put it on my younger daughter today to size it and see if she’d like it any better. She at least wandered around in it for a while before removing it for no particular reason.

I know they’re little kids, I know they don’t understand how much effort it takes, etc. etc. But how do you explain it to yourself and keep on knitting for them? I have the yarn for another Monica and another dress, plus several sweaters, all for the girls. I am loath to CO for any of them. I love to knit them, but I might as well knit the stuff up and bury it in a hole in the backyard. :rollseyes:

Just having a bad knitter’s day, I guess. :pout:

Aw- hang in there. I get that too sometimes- she will ask and ask for me to knit her something, then not really play with it or wear it. (she’s 5). they really don’t understand- to them, it could have just as easily come from WalMart. I do it b/c I love to do it and learn new patterns. I think she asks all the time because she sees Mommy’s knitting as taking some precious time and attention away from her. (she’s an only, and wants lots of attention. don’t worry- she doesn’t get it all!!! LOL!)

don’t forget to make stuff for yourself sometimes that You will love.

One day they will rediscover it and say Wow you are the best mom Ever!!!

I’ve made more sweaters for my grandsons than I can count. Some are works of art. Can I get a sweater on either one of them? Not since they were too young to object. :shrug:

All winter I asked the 6-year-old if he wanted to wear a sweater. He kept saying that he would ‘when it got cold out.’ It was below zero!!

I guess being in the classroom all day with a sweater is too much.

He did wear the hat I knit every day, and wore a scarf under duress on cold days.

Now when either boy asks me to make them something, I ask if they’re honestly going to wear it. I haven’t made a boys’ sweater in a year.

I go through the same things with my girls. They are now 18 and 15yrs old,and I have been sewing and knitting for them since they were little. Even including them in the whole process, picking out pattern, fabric, etc., it sometimes becomes a orphan. I think the same thing happens to me, I will finish a project, and then be sick of it. The one thing that kids always do is surprize you. Both my daughters still on occasion ask me to make something. Last year I made my older daughters prom dress.
Just make sure whatever you make is fun!

Do you kids like to play dress-up? My son loves to put on hats and other winter gear and walk around the house. This is dress-up to him because he was born in california and has never seen winter - but I am from PA and hubbie is from OH so we have and we actually own such articles as warm socks, scarves, gloves, winter hats. :smiley: So they are all in a drawer in our bedroom and my son likes to try them on. So I get a nice knitting fix by making him funny hats. He doesn’t actually wear them anywhere except around the house but I get the fun of knitting and he gets the fun of playing so it’s really win-win. Right?

I have no idea what a Monica is but maybe if you want the fun of knitting AND seeing them wear it, just knit them some things for fun?

Do you know WHY they won’t wear this Monica? Is it too hot? Is it itchy?

I am working on my first sweater for my son (not including a sweater set I made him as a new born he had no choice in wearing :wink: ) and I do worry about whether or not he will actually wear it. He has worn sweaters before so it is not like it will be a foreign concept when it is done. (It does get cool enough for sweaters here sometimes) I guess I will jump off that bridge when I come to it. If I am successful MAKING it, even if he won’t wear it, I will have learned to knit a sweater without sewing a single seam so at least I will have learned a new skill and I will make a sweater for myself. :slight_smile:

eta - you might also let them pick the yarn but I’d be careful there… if they pick funny colors for a fun project it’s no big deal but if they pick crazy colors for something more serious you may end up with a battle of wills OR having to spend the time knitting up something that in the end is really quite ugly.

Are those your girls in the picture? No wonder you want to knit for them, they are little models. So cute!

I can’t say I ever had this problem with my own kids, now all grown. We were not so flush on clothes that they had a lot of choices. If it was cold and they needed a sweater, they wore what was provided, and if I had knit it it wouldn’t have been shunned. I don’t know why kids that age do this sort of thing. I don’t think it is because they don’t like what you made exactly.

My grandkids, so far have not been a problem about sweaters, at least when they were little (more coming), but some of the older ones are very opinionated. The twin granddaughters that are newly 13 are in that camp. But it is not style with them, it is comfort. If something is not comfortable they won’t wear it. They have always hated pants with zippers and refused to wear them. Their mom got them cute little jeans when they were little and she said they would cry every time she got them out. She finally gave up. One of them still won’t wear anything but sweats or that type of style. The other one will wear some of them now. A couple of Christmases ago I wanted to make them each a sweater and my daughter suggested I not bother, if something wasn’t just right (scratchy, neck not what they like, etc.) they wouldn’t wear them. She suggested a scarf as they were into them at the time. So that is what I did.

Someone said something about knitting things that you enjoy making. I vote for that too. I guess if they don’t wear them, you can give them away. If after a while you see this is standard, that they won’t wear what you make, I think I would quit knitting for them for a while. They will probably get to the point somewhere in life that they will like what you can make for them. If not don’t take it personally. It’s not you!!

[B]Knit1Drop1[/B], this is a Monica:

The pattern is free from Knitty.

Despite Becca’s happy face, she took it right off. I did get it on my younger DD for a brief outing, and got complimented on it right away! :thumbsup:

Yep, those are my girls! Thank you so much! :muah:

When our daughters were younger, they used to be thrilled when I would make stuff for them…or that’s what they would say while I was working on the “whatever”…then they wouldn’t want to wear whatever (with the exception of some dress up clothes that I sewed for them).

What I eventually found out was that if I showed them the picture, and the sweater was blue, and they said “yes, that they wanted that sweater”, that what they were saying yes to was that sweater in blue, and not in the purple that I had made it for them…they could not understand the concept of “this sweater in pink or purple”. They just couldn’t visualize it.

Very frustrating at times.:shock:

I had the same problem with my 4 yr. old gd. She would see me knitting for her and love :inlove: it but after the items were done and she tried them on…she couldn’t wait to take them off.:??

Well I have SOLVED the problem. She seems to like cotton blend yarns better than worsted weight. :cheering: I have knit her a cute dress and she loved it so much she wore it home the day I gave it to her!!

Needless to say I have stocked up on cotton blends.

Something that can help is to tell them that since they don’t like it, you’re going to donate/sell it because there’s certainly another little girl who would love to wear it! But of course you have to follow through if they don’t change their mind, otherwise next time they won’t believe you.

I used to sew a lot, mainly for my two dds (now 3 and 5.5). It was irritating when they refused to wear something, but since it rarely took me more than a week (i.e. a few hours of work), and at the very most 15$ to do anything, it was not too bad. But knitting? I knit them each a pair of socks. My oldest one wore it for at least 30 secs before saying they were too warm, and the pair for my youngest was too loose. All these hours of work for nothing. So I decided that my knitting was only for me and other grown-ups and I don’t knit for them anymore.

I have a similar problem with one of my grandboys, who is six. I’m very sensitive to anything scratchy or too hot, and he’s just like me! Last year I knit each grandkidlet a sweater for his/her birthday, and this little guy’s had the Batman logo on the front. :O) He loves it! And I made the neck verrrrry wide, so with a tshirt or turtle under the sweater it isn’t touching his neck. Seemed to work. This time! He’s also very particular about what colours he wears and his clothes have to be “cool”. Not that that means name brands or anything, just “cool” in his opinion. :lol: My seven year old grandson asked yesterday to learn to knit, and for me to make him a scarf “just like that one” that I’m knitting for my brother for Christmas. So I will! Because he’s on his way home to Quebec and I won’t see him for months, I’ll send him needles and yarn and a bit started for him. Luckily his maman knows how to knit a bit. samm

My DD is the same way - I’m always making things for her and sometimes she loves them and sometimes she just doesn’t care.

I think things for kids need to be super comfortable AND fun - I made a poncho for my DD and she hated it. Until I told her it was a cape lol - now she runs around the house calling herself Super Emily.


Your six year old grandson sounds just like mine. His mom reports that he is very picky about the way things fit around the neck and is constantly dragging at things trying to get them down further. And he takes his socks off all the time. He was enamored with Batman, and had to have the suit for Halloween, etc… But now Batman is out of favor and everything is Star Wars all the way! Those guys are not so easy to do. LOL

And colors, yes, he’s very picky and like you said everything has to be his idea of cool or forget it. LOL His favorite colors the last time I checked were red and black (This kid used to like pink, but his mother discourgaged that. Personally I think it takes a manly man to brave pink. I like it on men.) Red and black could be around for a long time. My husband likes black too, wears a little red nowadays, but has always like the drab colors most. Boring. LOL Merigold

I made matching Monicas for my girls, and when I first put them on them they were just like your daughter- couldn’t wait to get them off. I just put them away in a drawer for a month, then got them out again and they were thrilled with them! I have no idea what that’s about, except maybe it’s like someone else suggested, that they just got kind of tired of them during the whole knitting process. Anyway, my girls love wearing them now. That’s the only thing I’ve knitted for them other than some scarves, which they picked out the yarn for and then refused to wear last winter… we’ll see what happens this winter! :stuck_out_tongue: